Help apps better: security workshop for ios developers: inside

Help apps better: Security workshop for iOS developers: inside

Apps enjoy gross popularity – not only for iphone users: inside, but also under attackers. A two-day, online security workshop from mac i leads ios developers: therefore in the increasingly important topic information security in apps. On the basis of concrete case studies, the attack vectors of hackers are elected and and how they can be prevented.

Creation of an app security concept

The knowledge of frequent ios weaknesses and the process of gearing checklists around safety points is usually not sufficient: therefore, the program of the security workshop is therefore a lot of practical providers. This is followed by a structured approach to the creation of an application security concept as well as the secure software development lifecycle (ssdl) – with hands-on-deepening the ssdl-related activities – and agile development security best practices.

The workshop blows how the protection needs of apps determine and define appropriate protection objectives and finally implement. In addition, the presentation of the building security in maturity models (bsimm) and become acquainted with the most important and effective activities. Likewise, a design and feature review in terms of security on the program as well as the topics code-review with the possibilities and limits to automation and qa tests relating to safety.

Two-day online workshop in may

The workshop is led by sven fabbender, a specialist for information security, which has spilled numerous well-known ios apps on vulnerabilities and the various dax 30 companies for the protection needs of apps berat. The online workshop is aimed at all ios app developers: inside working on apps and backend services. Previous knowledge of information security is not a prerequisite, but can make the entry easier.

The contents are developed in the team and exchanges with the speaker, if necessary, challenges from the day-to-day practice can also be brought together and talking to the speaker. The online workshop will find on the 27th. And 28. May 2021 each from 9am to 5pm. The early book price amounts to 890 euros.

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