Ibm study: average costs per data span slightly dropped

IBM study: Average costs per data span slightly dropped

For the first time, the global costs of so-called data breaches have fallen slightly, a recent study of ibm security. The average cost amounted to $ 3.86 million per data span in 2019, 1.5 percent lower than the year before. As the causes of cost reduction, the study accounts for the security automation and improved data view by the privacy policy (dsgvo).

Accordingly, according to ibm, the gap between companies, which use automated security mechanisms and those who do without: for the latter were data spans with six million us dollars more than twice as expensive as companies using, for example, artificial intelligence or machine learning. Automation leads to the fact that companies are more faster in case of safety breaches and they can scare – the time savings is 74 days according to study.

High security automation degree in germany

German companies react most quickly to data spans, as they are leading according to the study in security automation. Already 75 percent use such systems at least partially. So equipped companies need 160 days to respond to data breakes, while in the global comparison are about 280 days. Overall, companies will succeed in this country to lock the forelament within one month. If more than 200 days are required, the one with one million us dollars is more likely to be booked than faults that are resolved in less than 200 days.

That cyber attacks are booming in germany is another result of the study. 57 percent of the data forests go back to such attacks – so that germany is in second place worldwide behind the middle east with 59 percent. A nearly quarter of the breakdowns (24 percent) are caused by system errors. According to the study, access data from employees or incorrect cloud configurations serve as a large incident company to the corporate network. Almost 40 percent of the attackers use these ways.

The study commissioned by ibm and by the ponemon institute is based on surveys of 3200 security experts from companies, which listed a data breach between august 2019 and april 2020, including 37 companies from germany. The complete study is consulted against submission of data on the ibm website.

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