No interest in the gold needle?

Advertising that does not want to pull

"Germany’s first female chancellor" – despite threats of emigration from the Berlin wardrobe women, we are now not only pope, but also chancellor. But not everything that wears the chancellor’s charming smile sells.

All kinds of useless things flutter on the journalist’s desk every day. Besides only moderately important press releases about sensational new products like electric nose drills and pneumatic ticklers, also warnings disguised as unimportant press releases or advertisements disguised as super important press releases. If one is not yet fully awake in the morning, one sometimes opens the latter category – and sometimes triggers a roar of laughter from the other attendees.

No interest in the gold pin?

So there are beside stamp collectors also coin collectors. The rarer and more golden a coin is, the more desirable it is to collect it – it could be worth something at some time. And of course there is a hurry, so that no one else can get the first chance to get this little snapper. Like the homeowner’s allowance, Angie was only available as a gold coin until New Year’s Eve 2005!

After all: In contrast to former politicians on other regular German coins, Angie looks quite cute on the gold ducat. "Purest gold that everyone can afford". For only 29,50 Euro – plus shipping costs – Angie is available for sale. As a quality "polished plate. And with a 20-day return right without indication of reasons. Great. Why no one told us this during the election??

Allocation order

IMM is instructed to award the "Angela Merkel" honors strictly in the order of reservation requests. The allocation quantity has been set at one copy per household.

But a chancellor rarely comes alone – whoever orders Angie will be visited by other chancellors and presidents of the Federal Republic of Germany in gold every month. But he will have to do without black and red.

But everything did not help: the golden Angie coins lie in the munz account like lead. And so was told with a second letter,

that the reservation period due to the strict limitation already on the 11. February 2006 ends.

Or not. Maybe there will be a second uberzeit. It was allowed to become a really rare coin…