Spain: after the election, the first tax threats come

The time of good news ends with the election, poor economic prospects and exploding public debt

Instead of "Zarter Gruner Plant", which should show an economic recovery, the Spaniards will be asked to pay for the European Parliament elections to the cash register. First, taxes are raised on fuels and tobacco – and only the beginning was allowed to be the beginning of exploding sovereign debt. It is also to be expected in other countries. Germany will be no exception.

The elections are over and thus the positive messages from the "Delicate green planes" the economic recovery in Spain, which until last weekend constituted the government everywhere. This recovery is now no more talk after the Socialists (PSOE) on Sunday broke difficult and lost the elections, but also about the Schonfarberei a landslide victory of the ultra-conservative Popular Party (PP) prevented.

After the cabinet session on Friday, the government drew a deep black panorama for Spain. As according to the parliamentary elections 2008, this time, the elections will see some more clean wine. Zapatero had one before the elections "falling unemployment" Confederate, the government now ames that they will increase further. Shortly before the elections suddenly unemployment was officially falling a little bit, which Zapatero "very positive" judged. In May it should be almost 25.000 had been less unemployed than in April. But here, too, creatively deals with statistics (the number of unemployed as a political construct) is. The effect could therefore rule so that several people from the statistics were fell because they no longer receive benefits whose misery has clearly sharpened. The number is scatzed to one million. A steaming effect on the negative developments for many months, was also allowed to have the starting tourism season in the holiday country.

The government now rises what has been clear to all serious analysts for a long time that the worst in Spain is still imminent. Therefore, she has significantly down her previous rosy forecasts for economic development. For a long time she did not even spoke of a crisis, though the economy in the free fall uberging. Only in January the Minister of Economic Affairs Pedro Solbes opened the first time "K-word" in the mouth. Shortly thereafter, he was canceled by Minister Prosident Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. He was completely wrong and predicted only 16% unemployment. Already in May Eurostat, however, stated 18.1%, a decreed record in the EU.

Instead of a shrinking gross domestic product (GDP) of 1.6%, Madrid is now aming that economic output shrinks 3.6% and the budget deficit rises to nearly 8%. Thus, public debt will be significantly higher than the 3% trademark, which allow EU stability criteria. Due to falling bonitat, the debts are always more expensive. An economic recovery is now no longer expected in 2010, but only 2011. Doubtful is again when Elena Salgado lays down and explained in view of four million unemployed and explained unemployment "FRUF million far not reach".

The Spanish government now begins to rotate on the control screw to increase revenue. This is to be expected where elections, as in Germany in autumn, are over, where a lot of money was pumped into doubtful programs for the burstings of the economy and the rescue of banks. One should not forget in Germany the VAT, which has even been pulled through against exexer election promise.

On the cabinet session in Madrid was decided to increase taxes on fuel and tobacco, which can be patientized with health and environmental reasons. The tobacco will fail by up to 30%. That the government says Spain policy to the countries with the lowest tobacco prices, is right, but the country is at the bottom with a minimum wage of 665 euros even at the level level. Thus, the smokers should now steam a further 1.2 billion in the state funds.

Also the price of gasoline, super and diesel is raised by 2.9 cents per liter and so should be taken in addition to 1.1 billion euros. In the light of the rising Old Prize, however, the taxes returned to additional billions in the state banks anyway. So the socialists remove consumers not only further purchasing power, they will probably fall to them quickly on the bare. Thus, in the face of the crisis, strong fuel jump protests can be expected, as those who laid the country partially lame only a year ago (massive strikes in Spain and Portugal).