Starter kits for usb keyboard controller

Starter Kits for USB Keyboard Controller

The approximately 34 euros expensive kit kw100eval (left in the picture) is an 8 × 8 cm coarse breakout board for the keywarrior100 with mini usb socket, 8 status leds and a rgb led. All signals for connecting self-made matrix keyboards are guided on double-row pads in the 2.54 mm raster. 40 lines are reserved for the key matrix (24 lines × 16 columns), thus can be queried up to 384 keys.

There are still 16 universal i / os, analogue input to the simulation of a mouse over potentiometer, transducer or analog joysticks and even pwm and dac expansion for the output of quasi-analog voltages. The rgb led is connected to the pwm outputs, which can be separated from printed circuit board jumper when the signals are to be used otherwise. Since the kw100 logs in as a normal human interface device (hid) on the computer, no driver is needed to control; libraries for popular programming languages (c, delphi) are available for download. For the configuration, code mercenaries offers a free tool with which all settings and keyboard data can be customized.

Available soon is the kw28eval, with the smaller keyboards (for example, for arcade machines) can be realized. Conveniently, 20 cherry-mx buttons can be selected directly on the board. The usb chip keywarrior 28 supports matrix keyboards in the grid 8 × 8, which allows keyboards with up to 64 buttons. As with the kw100, you can define keyboard macros that play a key sequence when they are pressed. The chip is already available on a compact breakout board (17.50 euros), the board with the cherry buttons is in preparation.

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