Study: china has a lot of work in environmental and climate protection

Study: China has a lot of work in environmental and climate protection

China has a long way in the implementation of its environmental and climate goals, according to a new analysis. Although china’s own "green goals", which it had set in his youngest five-year plan in 2016, already fulfilled or stand in front of it. Nevertheless, for the people’s republic in terms of sustainability, only one "mixed track record", in a work of scientists of the china institute merics in berlin, it is called in a different analysis of scientists.

Still too many dirty energy sources

The people’s republic is the country with the world’s largest greenhouse gas outstob. Although china adding year more capacities to renewable energies than any other nation, the country is still too much of the country "dirty" energy sources depending on the merics experts anna holzmann and nis grunberg.

Alone in the first half of 2020 in china, nearly 20 gigawatts (gw) would have been added to coal power capacity and another 48 gw has been approved at coal-fired power plants. This is more than all coal power in germany together. The authors also stood that a system actually planned for the past year was postponed to trading emission rights. In addition, beijing in chinese investments in carbon-intensive projects abroad yet no strict limits.

Greater change claim

Despite such problems, china is determined according to the merics analysis to take a global wiring role in environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable solutions. China’s ambitions should therefore "to be taken seriously".

In addition to an investment plan at the national level, around 80 provinces and cities had worked out their own tarpaulin for building an environmentally friendly production. Thus, a nationwide manufacturing system is to be created, the more environmentally friendly standard and leads to a cleaner production. Both the upgrade of traditional industries such as the steel industry as well as the creation of new green industries, such as the construction of electric cars, are key projects.

Transformation makes progress

Already there is more than 2100 so-called nationwide "gruner factories". Also, if it often lacks the quality of gruner products, the transformation makes progress according to merics analysis.

"China’s driving has recognized climate change and the destruction of the environment as true and urgent threats for the long-term survival of the regime and economic prosperity", so the scientists. Also the upcoming 14. Funfians plan (2021-2025) is expected to promote green innovations.

Maintaining planes and concrete action

In september, china was scheduled, "before 2060" to create the climate neutatility – that’s no longer greenhouse gases to run out, as nature or technical solutions can bind.

In addition, china is planning its co2 emissions per gross domestic product unit by 2030 by more than 65 percent compared to 2005. The proportion of non-fossil energies in total energy consumption should rise to about 25 percent. In addition, the wind and solar force should be further expanded.

Greta thunberg reminded at the turn of the year that the parisian climate agreement is urgently fulfilled and not only targets should be made, which are in far away. "We have to stop focusing on these vague, distant and highly hypothetical goals and to accept us instead that we have to change now", the 18-year-old said.

Environmental impact and health hazards

Despite tackable improvements in recent years, the air quality is still far from the recommended limits of the world health organization in many chinese coarse dates. Also, many gers and soil are still heavily dirty.

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