Tesla in grunheide: authority gives further approval for gigafactory

Tesla in Grunheide: authority gives further approval for Gigafactory

For the construction of his factory in grunheide near berlin, the us electric car manufacturer tesla may edit more flat on the construction site. The state office for the environment (lfu) has ied another at the beginning of the premature beginning on wednesday on the business land. The approval includes the abolition of the topsoil by up to 0.3 meters and a development of the ground on already gardened flats, such as a spokesman of the ministry of the environment.

It is now the eleventh early approval. Another application for the premature start to the construction of underground lines is still undergraded.

For the autofabrik, for the construction so far the environmental approval is missing via the federal immission protection act. Tesla therefore builds with premature beds. The state-owned approval work is continued in the final decision in the examination, explained the speaker. A time when decided, konne can not be mentioned.

Critique of nature conservations and residents

Tesla wants to start production of its electric cars in july. In a first stage around 12 should.000 employees 500.Produce model y000 vehicles in the year. It is the first work of this kind in europe. Nature conservants and residents criticize the project and fired, among other things problems with drinking water.

For media reports that the construction of the tesla factory is evidently outbreaking prere on the lfu to accelerate the approval procedure for the settlement, the ministry of the environment explained, the authorities drove the procedure "independent and objective". With the authorization, often high investment mems and workplaces are connected. "The fact that project contributors would like to move the author to a possible freely decision is the rule", said the ministry of ministry.

Tesla model y

Tesla in Grunheide: authority gives further approval for Gigafactory

With the settlement of the tesla factory, the need for residential and commercial growth is considerably. The infrastructure ministry has presented a concept for the development of the surrounding area today. Then in the first expansion stage up to 11.Clear 600 worked to berlin and brandenburg. In a possible end chat of 40.000 tesla workers will be at a total of 36.400 terminal workforce calculated.

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