“The world around us does not sleep” – but we …

With our unspoken understanding, the political class acts self-determined, changing orders and continuous. They avoid the challenges where they can only

Incredible. It must have gone in Parliament for fundamental switchings for our country that the FAZ had to report this species: "The Bundestag debate was arranged by an unfamiliar drama. After an unexpected direct impact exchange between Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) and SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel, the meeting was interrupted for about three quarters of an hour." When it comes to it, at least the introduction of a completely novel education system that has been debated radical paying of the financial economy or the abolition of capitalism. or?

Let’s look at. Currently, message goes to a message that can be used as success reports: it increases the number of acquisitions, it decreases the number of unemployed, it decreases the number of sub-groups and the silent reserve, numerous industries report growth and full order bookers. To despite all seriousness for Germany, a economic improvement raises, as little their lifetime is also foreseeable.

Even if all the criticism of concurrent figures or hidden unemployment, which has now also discovered the conservative press: abundant customers of an economic revival.

Everything on the best of the way? The impression can win who studies the reactions from the political class. Some out of the press releases of the parties:

In view of the good economy in November, the labor market is further in good form.

The stated labor and social minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU)

Minister of Economics Rainer Bruderle (FDP) speaks of one "Feast of the joy of the labor market"::

After the three-million border with unemployment, the 41 million border was broken in domestic procurement.

Rainer Bruderle

This will show itself the labor market in the best prison since the reunification.

For the labor market policy speaker of the FDP Bundestag Faction, Johannes Vogel, offers "the upswing XL" Furthermore, the chance to open more people better perspectives. Bayern remains in November of the Job Magnet Germany. In no other state is the unemployment is lower, is looking forward to Minister Prosident Horst Seehofer (CSU).

The good development in the labor market is pleasing, but it must finally be used to create a fair order in the labor market … Now it matters that this will be a upswing for all and the course for a higher and sustainable growth path. The workers must be adequately involved in payer threats. This is not just a question of justice, but also the economic reason. Economic recovery is based on the strong export and is therefore also subject to high risks. Therefore, we have to strongly have the domestic demand as a second pillar of our prosperity.

SPD General Secretary Andrea Nahles

To the working market figures for the month of November explores Brigitte Pothmer (Grune), spokeswoman for labor market policy:

Even if the trend in the labor market is pleasing – the problems remain.

Brigitte Pothmer

On the situation on the German labor market in the month of November, the federal federal manifold of the party explains the Left, Caren Lay ::

Minister of the Leyen paints the world as she fails. To the much summoned upswing is of course one as well as positive labor market statistics.


Caught in here and today

All expressions that reveal nothing more than the painful bias in the here and today as well as in the unsaved rituals of the party hickhack. Even what Andrea Nahles as "Growth path" Condition, flight is instrumentalized to cover benefits for your own clientele.

Anyone looking for reactions that classify the current numbers and their implications in Greater as a short-sighted connection is briefly before giving up at the … Chancellor. It is one of the few within the political class, which can at least think in coarse dimensions – your political deeds are on another leaf. At the beginning of November 2010, when the number of unemployed has fallen below three million for the first time since 2008, she ordered developments in the interview with the "Focus" a.

FROM FLOWER LED ANGELA Merkel from the positive trend a political project: "I want to take the goal ‘work for all’ step for step to step." Full venture as a political goal … For many years, nobody wanted to confessively confess. Accordingly skeptical was the next question of the FOCUS: "For this goal she had recently explained almost every one for a luck. Is not that in spite of the upswing further utopian?" Merkel: "Not." Clear that you "Work for all" interpreted in the sense of a selector order and his persecution in all upcoming elections for himself, their party and their government will be reclaimed. As well as they intelligently use the highlight of Germany as a stability guarantee:

Your comments sound according to political normality. Keep the financial crisis for sale?

Merkel: We probably have the worst behind us, but from a stable world economic situation can not be talked yet. Stable seems to be the situation in Asia, but in the US and parts of the EU there are still serious problems. We have to go the way out of the crisis very carefully. And above all, we have to pull the right lessons from her.

That, above all, that means what they are in the next sentence as "a much more serious stability culture" designated, belonging to your standardrepertoire (pride on stability culture).

And that’s exactly where Merkel turns back to the well-known status quo trap in which your deeds have been trapped for a long time:

Merkel: The financial and economic crisis has left traces. In 2010, a lot better than burried. But we still end up at the age of 50 billion new debt at the end of the year. That has never existed in the history of the Federal Republic. From the worldwide crisis we have to draw the right consequences.

FOCUS: Which one?

Merkel: We have to do that, which ensures our prosperity and thus our welfare state permanently.

Everything should be like it was how it was

Again and again it is operated, the checkup of the status quo. Preservation, securing, conservation – where these final terms appear, the status quo in all silence for the supreme priority is not only the political class only alone, but by increasing the majority of electoral volcodes. This is interactively accompanied by those collective opinion tendencies, which named the social scientist Wilhelm Heitmeyer in the presentation of the long-term study started in 2001 German state.

The economically charged division of society increases and deepens the opposes: those who are "Power carrier" to mention, say goodbye to the community. Your own position and your own insistent reflective, you value "the weaknesses" More and more off, be it now long-term unemployed, immigrants or homeless. Frightingly, the researchers, such as rapid tolerance and solidarity, are released, when risks are payable for their own status. Prejudices, devaluations and exclusions are in the "center" the company arrived.

Everything should remain as it is – these think and hope many who only worries the risks. Everything should be like it, as it was – these think and hope those who are already hit by the risks. Only changes that are this imperative is accepted. Even in contrast to previous politics and previous principles standing and gigantically expensive forceks pay. On the one hand, because they are actually from notes in the euro crisis. On the other hand, because politics can still show them to them that they are capable of anything. As it were, a desperation of a proof of a living permit, which remains purely symbolic nature, but the expectations of the Burger offers one though a trugger straw.

Nothing can stay as it is

Because behind the power strokes, the unfavorable, accumulated challenges, whose self-cured consideration allocates only a single conclusion: nothing, but also nothing can remain as it is – there is no single area of economics and society, the future fulfillment were. Anyway, if the company is not considered by the glasses of particulate interests, but as a whole.

Development of the working company? Renewal of the economy? Energy of the future? Infrastructure? Innovation? Okological conversion? Traffic and transport? Digital revolution? education? Health care system? Retirement? Flying care? Social cleavage? Control system? Public debt? Who knew a single sector to call, which was adequately functioning with its today’s fundamental shape in ten, twenty or three years? There is no. We do not want to talk about the reciprocal associations of these sectors …

In view of this obvious diagnosis, it follows from the current economic recovery that politicians who strain a remaining stock of overview and sense of responsibility to understand this revival as a respite – and benefit. If the politics does not want to shock in it, from branding to brand stove, knowing the coarse and full drive; If she does not want to wait for the last child to fall into the well; If you still a dark memory suggests that design your order and responsibility is your mandate – then it can only give one: at times comparatively good economic conditions begin to initiate central decisions.

The reason is a very pragmatic. The more violent the problem prere, the lower the design leeway – sometime forces the voicer forces the proximal solution, which could quickly become a malfunction or failure. Angela Merkel Weib this, but as a fibed pragmatic she decompose the obvious to the ID card historical design force: "

Seeing that we retain the ability to rough projects, so I’ve been pronounced for Stuttgart 21 or pladding for the construction of high-voltage lines or for coal and nuclear power as Bruck Technologies. The moge at the moment unpopular decisions, but you will pay off. You are necessary, as I said, so we will continue to be a successful business location in the future. And that is the basis of our prosperity.

Angela Merkel

If the Chancellor is stated against this background "The world around us does not sleep" – Then you can only go to the head. If you are sleeping here, we all know: With our unspoken understanding, the political class acts self-determined and small, clubmess and provincial, changes of change and promising. Short, they avoid the challenges where they can only. And in the missed hope, somehow, everything will remain as it is, we let out burger you. Our bias will come to us expensive to stand.

Oh, UBLIGEN: The initially mentioned, so waved Bundestag debate went for a change that the policy had been conducted by itself, but that she had been dictated by the Federal Scarf Court. Now the unemployment benefit II for almost five million adults Hartz IV recipients should be increased to five euros to 364 euros a month. For two million children and adolescents in Hartz-IV and low earner families, a education and partial covering system should be created.

This law has good chances of failing either in the Federal Council or to be collected by the Federal Scarf Court. So much to the design power of current politics.