Usa: jerking from the total deduction in afghanistan

USA: Jerking from the total deduction in Afghanistan

Image: US Department of Defense / Common-free

The agreement between the US and the Taliban should be a signature ripe, but it will be further stopped. Trump is still at present. Fruhere US Ambassador warn against a next burger war

The Bundeswehr is also shot in Afghanistan, the ZDF reported last weekend. In stock "Pamir", In the near the city of Kunduus in the northeast of the country, it is supposed to be on the grand country "not close to identified bullet" be taken. No one was taken or injured, such a spokesman for application communication command in Potsdam.

How rough the shock was, it can not be taken. But Kundus has a special significance for the Bundeswehr deployment. There were the first offensive floor operations of the Bundeswehr and the first death victims. In October 2013, the quota moved off, in March 2018 German soldiers came back (the juxtapoly after Kundus). This already shows a lot about the situation in the country, from which many are barred to Germany, and the uncertainty of Western confidents, as Afghanistan could be stabilized.

The uncertainty was read about how the Afghanistan mission is to be classified against the public in this country in this country, in a long-way public debate about whether you have happened there as "war" designate. Then followed the debate in the youngest past whether Afghanistan as "Safe country of origin" to designate what deportations of precipitated mimic.

In stock "Pamir" At Kunduz, about 80 Bundeswehr soldiers are currently stationed. Overall, between 1.200 and 1.300 German soldiers in the country in use, from which many escapears come to Germany. The basis of the German quota is the camp "Marty" in Masar-I-Sharif, also in the north of Afghanistan. In addition, according to Bundeswehr German soldiers are also used in Kabul and Bagram.

The security cordon with the Bundeswehr camp Marta was on "three kilometers" shrunk; Bundeswehr soldiers were reported that the Taliban (sometimes: Taleban) into the area between Mazar-i-Sharif and the BW Camp Marmal insisted, in the company, the Journalist Bjorn Muller specialized for security policy reported.

Maas: "Do not overhear the blob overhears"

Officially the mandate ends for the "Training and training mission" the Bundeswehr under the surgery Resolute Support On 31. Marz 2020. Whether a deflection is requested, it depends very on how the US decide.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Frank Fahnrich, stopping himself at present with concrete statements, but refers to the obvious: "That we decide in consensus with our partners is self-resistant." From the Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, another Tone came in the spring: "The worst thing that could happen, goods to bring back from this mandate."

Apparently, this also corresponds to the attitude of US lead. She zotted.

The signing of an agreement between the US and the Taleban continues to narrow. US ChefHandler Zalmay Khalilzad claims that both sides had themselves "basically" Over the deduction of foreign troops and anti-terrorism guarantees of the Taleban agreed. The text is "cancellation", But the last word is at Prasident Donald Trump [who still study the agreement. Actually, the woman house Khalilzad had the 1. September set as deadline].

Thomas Ruttig

Also the Taliban are still at considering, so the German Afghanistan connoisseur in his current management report. There are still some problems: they particularly concern the so-called "InnerAfghan dialogue", the prerequisite for a peace agreement is.

The Afghan government was not involved in the negotiations between the US delegation and the Taliban representatives because the Taliban does not recognize the government. The US negotiated with the Taliban under their "Quasista-based model" (Rutig) "Islamic Emirate Afghanistan", What in turn is completely unacceptable for the Afghan government.

So the question arises how these two camps can be combined into a dialogue, which then the desired "peace treaty" to provide. The gap is unuitable. The prasidal elections for the 28 are planned. September. The Taliban want to prevent them.

That says a lot about which understanding the Islamists from the art political order in Afghanistan. You put on authority. Although it was most recently in publications that the Taliban had changed and now it’s all that Madchen go to school. The question is in which schools? (As a reminder: The religious schools in the neighboring areas in Pakistan were recruitment institutions for worldwide Jihadkahrer).

Violence on both sides

Most recently, join and attacks on Kabul and Kunduz, which are attributed to the Taliban, once again clear how very violence not only to the repertoire, but also to the self-mortal of the Taliban ("We are strong") belong. However, this is, however, that the US troops and their Afghan partners do not proceed in the possibly ongoing fight against the Taliban. As in the face of the cruelly violence balance of US troops in Afghanistan, what is considered the Taliban: that there are many reasons for trust a lot and for mistrust.

"This shows that the US Taleban deal is not yet a peace agreement", If it is called in the already mentioned management report of Ruttig, which offers a good overview not only in the state of negotiations, but also about the struggle between the USA, Afghan troops and the Taliban.

The deduction

According to US chief negotiator Khalilzad, the factor that the US was initially leaving funnies within 135 days and have been handed over to the government forces. Like the attitude of the Taliban, which consist on a total deduction, looks exactly to this plan, is not yet publicly known. Trump shared last week over Fox that the USAs only their troops on the strong of 8.600 were reduced. The decision as it continues "depending on what happens". He wants more time.

Meanwhile, former US diplomats that were in Afghanistan, before the risk of the Burger War in Afghanistan in a total deduction of US troops and their Western composites can flare up again. From militar circles in the United States came in the last few weeks. The New York Times reports on customization in US administration to expand the use of the CIA. The CIA is associated with particularly brutal actions in Afghanistan.

At the beginning of the year, Khalilzads also won that a framework agreement had been concluded in which the US has declared, "Your still good 14.To deduct 000 soldiers from Afghanistan. This will then affect the other about 8500 NATO troops, including 1500 Bundeswehr soldiers" (Rutig).

As it looks like, as in the case of Syria, contrary to the usbrunty exercises "Jerking from the total deduction" off (gene. Joseph Dunford: "I just did not use the word ‘jerking’. The goods premature.") Excellent from a war is heavier than to start him. The goods have a lesson that the Afghanistan use had to keep the rusting enthusiasts under the nose. For the rust industry, the case is clear anyway.

Trump hoped he can score with a success message from Afghanistan in the election campaign as a prasident that ended the war in Afghanistan.