Californian law against outsourcing abroad

New protectionism for the preservation of prosperity in times of globalization

In California, public presentation should only be awarded more companies that are committed to accessing staff within the United States. A corresponding template has approved the Californian Senate, the lower house must only agree with some of the Senate’s requested changes. Then it is at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to sign or insert a Veto.

Outsourcing has not been spaded since the end of the subsistence twist no more novel phanomena. The so-called offshoring, in which certain work is outsourced in Lander’s Lower Lower Level, was everyday in the industrial age – as long as simple, poorly paid activities were affected. Now, wherever more and more tasks are done with higher qualifications such as specialized call center services or software programming in emerging markers, new resistance stimulates. Certain society layers are for the first time threatened by offshoring and call for prohibitions.

They point their finger to those economic practices, of which they have benefited from a wide variety of goods and services through low prices. The bicycle Taiwanese manufactory is cheaper thanks to lack of cost truth when transporting goods "Hand made in USA"-Vehicle, the Mexican harvest helper, especially well-being, if he has no residence permit. Last but not least, the state of California itself has the care of the best receptionist of food brands outsourcet – keyword "slender state". The cheapest contractor for the tax cash register now operates a call center for around $ 400 million – in India.

Jobless Growth?

New damme in the form of laws should now protect the prosperity. The creativity of legislators and public administrations all over the world, prior to this task, always amazing high. Almost colorless is because of the law proposal introduced in the California under house of the Democrat Carol Liu from 1829. The state of California is not intended to provide no appeal to businesses, which and his subcontractors do not commit themselves to pursuing the ie ied by personnel within the USA.

In this economy, the offshoring of jobs, which could also be carried out by US workers, is not acceptable. The state of California should give an example and help to create jobs and support the economy

Carol Liu

Of course, only US workstations are meant and the US economy. Company representatives see this differently and protest. In fear of profit margins, it is warned that fewer companies were involved in public tenders and the costs were rising for the public hand. The Democrats counter, by promising converting convertitatia.

With coarse numbers, the "Jobless Growth" Experiencing burger impressed, the law is apparently popular. According to a study by the University of Berkeley, 13 million workplaces in the US service sector are threatened by offshoring. Various statistics occupied that already over 400.000 jobs were relocated abroad. Maybe the growth was not so quite jobless?

In the case of 30 other US states, similar legislative templates have already been introduced, some impaired to a ban on the outsourcing of the processing of health and financial data abroad, which the data protection is suspected of argumentative. In Maryland and Massachusetts, a parliamentary majority has already found itself, but the respective governor set his veto for the time being. The birthsteirer Arnold Schwarzenegger was allowed to be the third governor who will have such a law on his desk. So far he has kept in the matter. He will adopt the Wirtschaftlobby Horquer and his enormous budget deficit, or grant his sanctus to the populist law?

If you no longer further wan, reason a working group!

Already clear, Schwarzenegger has not caused the budget nor the offshoring problem. But lots he will be with a Veto just as little as the law of Democrat Carol Liu did. For now, Schwarzenegger once has the convening of one "Council on economic recovery" announced. The members are not fixed yet, but George P. Shultz and Warren Buffett are chaired jointly. Celebrity name, Indeed. Shultz was at the Republican President Nixon First Labor Minister (1969 to June 1970), then head of the budgetary burio in the woman’s house. From 12. June 1972 to 8. May 1974, he was chairman of the Economic Council and Finance Minister – which refused to have Nixon’s opponents undergo unplanned tax envelopes. FUF weeks before the back from Shultz, Nixon had to pay a tax debt of Uber 400 due to inadmissible depreciation.000 US dollars will have to explain; The Prasident surprised his Minister of Finance politically only by three months.

But Shultz should actually return. The Seven Bubians Father in the policy became Shultz Chairman of that body, which advised a former actor in economic ies: Ronald Reagan. From July 1982 to January 1989, Shultz was finally the 60. Foreign Minister of the United States. And Warren Buffet is simply as a salon "Greatest Stock Market Investor of Modern Times" circumscribed. Forbes lists him with a net mobil of 42.9 billion dollars as a two-carvest man in the world.

You do not have to be an enlightened prophet to guess what these prominent friends of the Republican Governor about the legislation of the Democratic Members. But Schwarzenegger wants to make popular decisions. The reduction in automotive taxes has been a long time ago and with the parliamentary members who have been trying his Veto to be trying to overlike, he has already fought more steading than necessary. In Sacramento, the bets already run how Schwarzenegger will decide.

Nobody sets a long-term solution approach. The has the "Governator" Only preached in the election campaign. His first budget brought drastic shorts in the education and health sector: schools were closed, sports programs for children abolished, school libraries closed, textured examined, suggestions severely raised, the financing of school education is screwed over at the graceful guaranteed level. The teacher union has been tailored to better times. But even the four decades held held, after which every Schuler gets a place at a university with appropriate censors is Schwarzenegger (election slogan: "Work to Expand the Dream of College") Not Holy. So the college and thus the big chance of an offshoring-safe job for more and more Californians to the unreachable dream.