False journeys

The "Friedman case" is a case Karge – but no conspiracy

"Image" women once again everything – and nothing. Under the headline "Conspiracy?" he said last Saturday: "It is a bad smell, a monstrous suspicion! Did Berlin prosecutors close to the FDP plot against Michel Friedman?? Is that how they wanted to smoke Jurgen Mollemann?? … The rumors were fed by the closeness of some well-known prosecutors to the Berlin FDP, especially to the Liberals in the district of Spandau. In the 1990s, a circle had formed there under the leadership of the former Attorney General Alexander von Stahl (FDP), which had described itself as national-conservative …!"

Let us remain with the facts. The statements on the alleged cocaine consumption of the TV presenter come from three prostitutes – witnesses who can be blackmailed from any side due to their insecure status. When Friedman’s office and living quarters were raided, only three bags with traces of cocaine were found in the micro area. These are amounts that indicate personal use, but by no means a coarse stock or even trade – and only that is punishable in Germany. In the meantime, the cocaine-positive hair sample is said to have shown nothing else.

The house search took place in Frankfurt am Main, but was initiated by Berlin’s Attorney General Hansjurgen Karge – to the annoyance of his Hessian colleagues, whom he had not informed in advance. He sent out the GSG9-rambos, although up to this point he had nothing more on the talk show host than the statements of the prostitute. Remember: When Hamburg Senator Ronald Schill was incriminated in a TV magazine by witnesses who saw him taking a "weiben powder" had seen at a party, there were subsequently investigations, but no raid. The right-wing politician quickly traveled to faraway Munich to have a hair sample taken by a local laboratory in order to prove his innocence. Against this background, we must agree with Heribert Prantl, who wrote on Monday in the "Suddeutsche Newspaper" Wrote:

The Berlin prosecutor’s office arranged the house search against the accused as if it were against the head of the Russian mafia – it searched with the Federal Border Police and secretly bypassing the Frankfurt investigators, who were locally responsible for the case … The radical investigations … have given way to prejudice against the Jew.

Heribert Prantl

The rigorous action against Friedman contrasts with Karge’s gentlemanly restraint of coarse capital. The Attorney General led the investigation into the multi-million dollar money-grab between the Berlin banking company and the CDU, and was quoted as saying: "Not every mess is punishable" (Lawyer Magazine, 18/2002). At the end of September 2001, the EDP specialist Lars-Oliver P., one of the main witnesses in the affair, found hanged. The then senator of justice Wolfgang Wieland (Bundnis90/Die Grunen) declared:

The death of Lars-Oliver P. The Barschel case in Berlin will become a real case if the complex is not investigated to the last detail.

young world, 8. August 2002


The head of the SoKo Bankgesellschaft, Hans-Jurgen Dorsch, saw it the same way and loved to arrest two suspected managers. The acting examining magistrate, an amigo of Eberhard Diepgen, loved them back after a day, then Dorsch arrested them again, and again they were set free fub by the judiciary. Now Karge intervened – and dismissed Dorsch as head of the SoKo banking company. This in turn led to his removal as Attorney General in August 2002 at the instigation of then Justice Senator Karin Schubert. However, he successfully sued for reinstatement due to a formal error and has since been allowed to continue hunting criminals – or not, depending on his gusto.

Karge did not act as an individual perpetrator, but was supplied with material. There is allegedly a video recorded by listeners that shows Friedman playing sex games with prostitutes. This video was offered to the North Rhine-Westphalian FDP in January for a six- to seven-figure sum, as the then treasurer Hans-Joachim Kuhl confirmed. But there is a small beauty flaw: Only one single still image of the video has been seen so far. In view of this "Very poor picture quality" ("Image") the actor could just as well be Friedman as Harald Schmidt.

Another dubious hint: On 11. March a car of the GSG 9 was broken into on a visitor parking lot of the border guard prasidium Berlin. On the backseat, the burglars found a laptop, accessible from outside, and the documents for a planned strike against the very Madchenhandler ring whose statements led to the raid on Friedman in early June. Although there must have been a lot of noise when the car window was broken, the perpetrators remained untroubled.

Six video surveillance cameras recorded nothing. An insider "Image": "It looks very much like the theft was faked – possibly by order of certain official circles to make evidence disappear in time." Official circles? The cell phone number, with which the services of the Ukrainian sex workers could be booked, were dialed also from connections from the German Bundestag. In addition to Friedman "More than 100 other men, including allegedly a sports official, a TV host and well-known politicians" at the beginning of the year, wrote the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag".

If – when ! – if you want to find more culprits than Karge for the hunt for Friedman, you have to look first of all in the sex business, its profiteers and customers. There is no evidence for a conspiracy of right-wing FDP circles, however. The liquidation of Friedman by the media may have been an internal party congress for all the molesters of this republic. But this does not prove that the profiteers of the campaign were also its instigators. Also the "Bild"-Writers had to admit that it "no evidence so far" for their wild theory. If one reads the research of the "Tagesspiegel", on the "Image" some people are surprised, the opposite is actually the case: According to the report, Karge is close to the SPD, and the prosecutors he hired, Christina Leister and Thorsten Cloidt, have nothing to do with the FDP either. The senior public prosecutor Hans-Jurgen Fatkinheuer even investigated the Berlin Liberals in the course of the Antes corruption affair.

Latest news: On Tuesday reported "Picture", in the public prosecutor’s office "hardly anyone is still convinced, Friedman … to be able to prove a violation of the law". Presumably the TV star would be "Fine in mabiger height" get away. And the punishment for Karge?

In April appeared by Jurgen Elsasser "The German Sonderweg. Historical burden and political challenge" (Diederichs Publishers)