Family minister kristina schroder wants gender policy even for boys

Boys like to break out of their typical gender roles, but often do not know how

For years, the topic of equality was mainly looked at the situation of Madchen and women – because above all the female gender suffer from discrimination and unequal treatment. But for several years this picture is changing. After all, studies come to the conclusion that even boys are disadvantaged, especially at school.

As the fixed role-writing, which confronts boys and girls are confronted, increasingly soften and walk, Federal Family Minister Kristina Schroder (CDU) has called a young advisory board. Shortly before the end of the legislative period, he now presents his final report on the situation of the boys in Germany.

The special feature at the Young Advisory Council is its composition. Because Family Minister Schroder has not put on the expertise of scientists and experts in accordance with the expertise of scientists and experts: he consists of manual young people who were between 15 and 17 years old at the time of the advisory of the advisory board. Thus, the boys themselves could influence the topics with which the Advisory Council managed to bring their own personal experiences.

That it has come to a crisis of the man through the gross influence of feminism, the boys’ council can not be confirmed. Thus, the six boys in the Advisory Council realize their gender approval as a self-consolidation, which the scientists in the Advisory Council can also be so confirmed.

The classic picture of the man as a family driver still prasent

However, the change in the role images, which has also defeated in business and society, has not remained uncommon: the boys can no longer be oriented without further ado to the mission statements of their father and coarse farms, but have to deal with opposed images of manhood. The classic picture of the man as a family driver is still prasent among most boys. At the same time, the picture of a rural family father smoke more and more in the focus of the boys.

But the ideal of the professionally successful full-time family driver and the lifelong family father, who is taking on wife and children’s time is opposing and difficult to unable to agree. The fact that both goals are not compatible with each other, many boys, according to the final report, is not aware, they only think little up to the connection between career choice and family planning. The Furorge for the next generation have the boys – in contrast to the same kinds of Madchen – not yet in view of what the boys’ council looks at the still existing traditional role pictures.

A different power distribution between the sexes reject the boys in the young Advisory Council Unison. Also in an investigation of the Sinus Institute, which is part of the report of the Advisory Council, shows that such ideas are almost no longer widespread. At the same time, however, it also shows that the boy is often unaware that a lifestyle like that of the man as the main driver already means a powerful weight in favor of the man. The dependence in which a woman does, which must rely on the man’s income, is not seen. In addition, the boy often lacks ideas, as a life beyond the traditional pictures of man and woman left.

Disadvantages of the repayment

It will also be clear that boys are commonly deliberately, in which areas they have entered against Madchen, but also they also know about areas in which they are disadvantaged. They are not considering their own favor as positive, but as critical. As a preference, they recognize that boys often be granted more freedoms than Madchen. The media and again discussed worse payment in typical women’s professions is known to you.

The consequence is, according to the young, that occupations, for example, in the educational and care area still hardly be remedied by manners, even if they are interested in the profession. At the same time, the boys also criticize the lack of manual caregivers in many areas of life from their perspective – for example in kindergarten and schools. Package judgments, whether it is better to be surrounded by manners or women, but avoid the boys.

The fact that the high number of female teachers is disadvantageous for the school success of boys, as always suspected, the report of the Young Advisory Council can not be confirmed. The discrimination sees the report rather in the fact that both teachers and teachers rather give those schoolers good notes that they perceive them as essential or positive. As young people are seizingly and undisciplined behavior than Madchen, they also got the worse notes.

Young teacher asked

The cause of the other behavior of the boy sees the report mainly in the peer groups of the boys. In the cliques, there is therefore a gender expectation of expectations to behave against the school opposite rather. How strongly the respective group is against the school and their requirements, however, is depending on the school form, social milieu and ethnic association. For both sexes as problematic, however, the report recognizes the surveillance of the teachership and the consequent always gross spacing of the life reality of schoolers and teachers.

The only solution is here to be at least 25 to 2020.Receive 000 teachers. Whether this succeeds, however, is questionable. In fact, many federal standards are currently not particularly motivated for new hires, as budget consolidation is at least since the importation of the debt brake in the countries of the highest bid and new settings were only states; Even if this was allowed to go stronger at the expense of young generations, as the public expenses in this area.


Likewise, the young uncommercial places where you can spend your free time. Existing youth clubs are partly unattractive, because badly reachable and not well equipped, partly they are even considered "scary" who are "occupied" by certain youth groups.

Sexism is widely recognized by the boys as a problem and rejected – at the same time many boys are not ready to say goodbye to such women’s pictures, while the girls still endeavor to fulfill these images. Contrary to the widespread amption that boys with a migration background tend particularly to sexism, the report of the Young Advisory Council demonstrates the opposite of the Sinus examination. Why young manners with a migrant background are particularly critical to sexism, but the experts can not explain.

The conclusion of the Young Advisory Board is that it requires pleasant equality policy for both sexes. This must also take into account different sexual and sexual orientation. In addition, the presentation of gender roles in schoolbirds must be taken to avoid gender-cliches. In order to achieve this outside the school book, it is recommended to influence the media via the advertiser and the broadcasting Council. In the case of career counseling, young people should also be proposed professions that are not considered typical of a variety of.

Family Minister Schroder stressed in the presentation of the report that politics do not play the gender against each other. Instead, ways should be found, the manners and women should help. Thus, a better income in the women’s typical occupations in education and care on the one hand helped women, but on the other hand also increase the incentive for manner to take such a profession.