If chicken are so smart, why do not eat us?

Animal welfare against Kentucky Fried Cruelty

Zinger is called in the chain of chain of chain Kentucky Fried Chicken a kind of hamburger, which consists of sharp-wasted cockpit fillet, dressing, salad leaf and a lab coarse wheat bread. This is, so to speak, the burial, which follows a short chicken life and serves only the purpose, last to be eaten. The chicken is prepared under prere in a fryer after a secret recipe with eleven crawls and spots. What the one finding a delicious, let the animal weaners stand the hair to mountains. Now they protest in the US against KFC.

The Organization PETA has been leading successful campaigns against animal skill for years. Purchasing companies publicly to the pillory is a means of using them only after years of negotiations. But KFC love in the opinion of animal lovers do not talk to themselves and in variation of their own logo of the chicken grillers is now the motto:

Kentucky Fried Cruelty. We do Chicken Wrong

(meaningful in German: Kentucky fried cruelty. We mistreat chicken). It is brought to posters, stickers and flights among people to put KFC under prere.

Peta is not only world famous that they repeatedly bring celebrities to dismantled for anti-fur campaigns. About two years ago, it was the committed fighting for the rights of the animals after an almost one-year campaign to force the Group McDonald’s to decisive key orders (see. McCruelty). The suppliers of the Hamburg chain in the US must now prove minimum standards in animal husbandry and slaughter. Although it happened Burger King (cf. Murderking) and Wendy’s (cf. Wicked Wendy’s.

So far, however, KFC proved to be resistant to the demand of the PETA activists, although it has been negotiated for almost two years. The chicken braters referred to their own animal welfare program (cf. Animal Welfare Program), which provides guidelines for the suppliers, but is branded by PETA as inadequate. The organization sees heavy deficits in both the chicken farms, during transport, as in the slaughterhausern, which are for KFC tap. The span ranges from the attitude of the chicken in halls to rust until the demand for gasification at the end of their lives, instead of cutting them the neck. They require a true species-appropriate attitude, rather than the ongoing animal skill. PETA formulates it clearly and dramatically:

The chicken, which are recurred for Kentucky Fried Chicken, have no possibility to live out anything of it. They are pierced with thousands of other individuals in dark, dirty halls that stink according to ammonia vapor, which emanates from the hopping excrement; They hardly have space to move (every chicken vegetated on a room of rough an A4 side). They suffer regularly broken legs because they were at maximum weight gain in the shortest time, treating whust (workers are gripping in the legs and stuffing them in boxes) and in slaughterhouse heads are taken to the river band. Chicken are often fully awareness, while the neck is cut through or pulled them through a Bruhbad to remove the feathers.

It will be tight for Kentucky Fried Chicken, if the customer get these facts printed on Kentucky Fried Cruelty Flight Blunts in front of the door – it could pass some spontaneously the appetite.

Hilarity in the press of the introductory set of the new PETA campaign:

Chicken are curious and interesting animals and they are aming that they are at least as intelligent like dogs and cats.

That’s probably something over and should probably summon the solidarity of the pet owners up. The New York Times then called:

If chicken are so smart, why do not eat us?

Only in the field of research on artificial intelligence has already made a chicken career. Significantly, it is on the name K.F. Chicken and is controlled by a human brain (see. How to make computer smarter). Even just a stupid chicken.

Who has ever watched chickeners long, was certainly not just their intelligence prices, although turmoil are demonstrably much more likely. Cock, chicken and kuken naturally maintain a differentiated social behavior, hacking after a sophisticated order and understood by more than 30 different louds (see. The biology of the house chicken).

Animal welfare often protested in the past successfully against the coating of animal skill in chicken earrings. The success story Bio-Ei is the pragniant example for that. Who has not already seen the pictures of crappy kafighhners and crumbled?

The European Chicken Rost Chain Wienerwald) was already the goal of animal right actions, not least, as she says

The first chicken she ruhrt

For a sharply wife dish.

Even against the popular computer game moorhuhn hunt protested animal welfare associations because they fired the real hunting fever was fueled by the virtual balloon (cf. Germany packed by the moor chicken fever). Since yes the chickens laugh!

If chicken are so smart, why do not eat us?

PETA has returned with Kentucky Fried Chicken again a very coarse opponent and who wants to follow the campaign in Germany, can do the 39 restaurants from Aschaffenburg to Wurselen (see website). KFC lates about the internationally prussen restaurant chain yum!Brands, the u.a. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Auber the United States there are 11 500 this fast food store in more than 100 countries. Especially the Chinese market is conquered, 700 KFC self-service restaurants are already available there. The Group employs a total of 725,000 people worldwide and last $ 223 billion in sales in sales. A Gigant, who globally steals his profits.

Animal welfare is a powerful lobby and again and again in astonishing exhibition to mobilization. It was also worthwhile to protest against the working conditions of the human employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the other Fastfood chains, which usually can not exist for existence from their wages, but rely on two jobs. The American journalist Barbara Ehrenreich has in her last book "Work Poor" impressively made aware of this misery (see. The floating side of the American job wounder). And against the sweatshop working conditions at the suppliers of the Taco Bell chain, which also too yum!Brands belong, farm workers have been mobile for years and calling to boycott (cf. Tomato picker against Taco Bell).

Human destinies and existence conditions only seem to be interested in much fewer people and to motivate protest. In any case, the farmers could not succeed their campaign successfully, they are now even planning a public hunger strike in front of the Taco Bell headquarters.