Nord stream 2: us ambassador grenell warns german companies

Nord Stream 2: US Ambassador Grenell warns German companies

Richard Grenell. Image: Dod

"Clear message of US policy": The commitment is with one "significant sanction risk" tied together

The US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell sets as, today, for example, the Tagesschau is reported, German companies involved in the gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2, "apparently always stronger" negative prere. Grenell should have communicated companies by mail that they deal with their commitment to the Russian Energy Export Sector "participate in something that is associated with a significant sanction risk".

The e-mail is according to own information the picture on Sunday, which further quotes: "As a result, companies that support the construction of both pipelines actively ames Ukraine and Europe’s security."

As a threat, the reference to the sanctions but should not be understood, according to Tagesschau is communicated by the speaker of Grenells. The letter should not be considered as a threat, but as "Clear message of US policy" – which can sometimes run out on the same. Noteworthy at any rate is the hybrid catch, which has Grenell from his diplomatic post in Germany.

That a US diplomat represents economic interests of his country is not unusual. But the rugged way is Grenells to transfer the ambassador job to the branch manager Germany for the America-First policy of his Bosses and Mallers Trump. He takes security policy as a lever to print competitors. As a diplomat, he can differ to normal business representatives.

His opposition to the North Stream2 project has already turned on Grenell several times. She is simply motivated: Putin is aggressive and hostile, with North Stream 2 is Germany "Wearing of the Russian government", The pipeline project is "an affront against the energy and security goals of Europe", Grenell claimed in a guest contribution for the Rheinische Post, just before the wine property: "Due to the pipeline, not only Russian gas fails, but also Russian influence."

Ukraine had to suffer from it because of the pipeline leading through the Baltic Sea, to escape important transfer remedies and because Nord Stream 2 open the ture for increasing Russian aggression against Kiev, "Since Moscow no longer had to worry about how his activities affect the gas sales of Western Europe". The conclusion from all this, is already in the title of the guest contribution, so readers can save more Muhe: "Germany must end support for Nord Stream 2."

Currently, Grenell by Twitter refers to the Ukrainian position supported by the European Parliament. For this he quotes from the governmental Kyiv Post.

Next to Ukraine also has Poland "and some eastern EU countries" Interest in stopping the construction. They all argue with the threat that deals from Russia, as the world reports.

But there are quite striking economic interests linked to the procedure of the US Ambassador. You have to do with the export of flux gas LNG, on the Trump is very much. In Poland we have prepared for this business to long ago with the construction of liquefied petroleum gas terminals.

Trump demands the LNG export with all the preres available to him. The obstacle, which opposes US economic interests, is that the Baltic Sea pipeline is more profitable more profitable and much better for the environment as the elaborate fracking demand of natural gas in the US and immensely emphatic transport of US gas over the Atlantic.

A note of the SZ from 16. October 2018 explains how Grenell uses for LNG deliveries to Europe, in the interest of the German offshoot of the US-chemical Dow Chemical, who is involved in a LNG terminal construction project in Stade. It wants and needs support from the German government.

Since EU Commission Sprasident, Jean-Claude Juncker, the American Government in the summer of last year commissioned via LNG decreases by the EU, was in Northern Germany "A true LNG fever broken out", Reported at this point Malte Daniljuk at the end of October: "And the Federal Government will support these projects with taxpayers, not least because they – unlike north stream – are not economically profitable." (see. World politics in northern Germany).

Daniljuk reports that unipers "In the case of reflective sanctions against the financing of North Stream 2" could be backed by the project. "Of course, we can not risk as a unperner that we are actually exposed to American sanctions. Then we were excluded from payment transactions, could not act the US dollar anymore", declared financial executive Christopher Delbruck.