Ultimatum to poland and hungary

ultimatum to poland and hungary

Viktor Orban during a video conference on 2.12. Image: EU

The EU wants above all to "Reconstruction Fund" get free and get going with fund money without both states if necessary

In the EU Commission, some people are obviously bursting at the seams in view of the blockade attitude of Hungary and Poland. Both countries, with their announced veto of the 2021-2021 EU budget, are also blocking the associated "Reconstruction Fund". Because they are against linking the disbursement of funds to compliance with the rule of law, although they have largely been able to water that down anyway.

Brussels has now ied an ultimatum to both countries. "We need an agreement with Hungary and Poland by today or tomorrow at the latest", Reuters news agency quotes a senior EU diplomat as saying. Otherwise they would "Scenario B" ubergehen. Obviously, in view of crashing economies, one does not want to have one’s hands tied for a long time in order to finally be able to take countermeasures.

In any case, time is running out, because Poland and Hungary are expected to give in at the EU summit on Thursday. The threat has long been built up and it is clear what the plan B will be. One wanted then the Corona aid fund in the amount of 750 billion euros to put on if necessary also without the two Lander. Both countries were hit hard, because they were supposed to benefit from the billions, especially Poland. Since the country is also receiving special structural aid from the EU budget, Poland had to dress warmly, after all, the budget would continue to be blocked and no money from the aid fund would be sent to Warsaw either. The fund is particularly attractive for these two countries, since for the first time 390 billion euros, i.e. the bulk of the aid money, is to remain as grants. They do not have to be paid back, only 360 billion are given as loans.

It is still unclear whether a concrete offer of compromise has been made to Hungary and Poland. It was only confirmed that the German EU Presidency, which is in charge of finding a solution, is still in contact with Warsaw and Budapest. It is reported that it will be known by Tuesday at the latest whether there is a possibility of a solution or not. At the summit on Thursday and Friday, there will be no more fundamental discussion about this ie.

Observers in both countries now also believe that Prime Minister Viktor Orban miscalculated when he went toe-to-toe with Brussels. "He had not been allowed to engage in a head-on clash with the most influential European governments over a junket between respect for rule-of-law criteria and financial transfers from the Union to its member countries", is analyzed. In the debate, the Polish-Hungarian tandem committed several strategic mistakes, they say.

Orban also realizes that the EU strategy is to break Poland’s Mateusz Morawiecki, who is seen as weaker, out of the veto front. For Orban alone could hardly presumably go against the tide alone. Orban said in his weekly interview on the state radio that Poland cannot unilaterally deviate from the jointly negotiated position with Hungary. Morawiecki had already signaled a first concession to Brussels.