Walls and deterrence do not solve the refugee problem

In Calais, a security gate stood wide open despite millions invested in fencing and surveillance technology

As is well known, Great Britain does not want to take in any refugees as far as possible. Hundreds of those in Calais try to somehow get through the Eurotunnel to the UK by train or in trucks. Not only in the Mediterranean, but also here, refugees die again and again trying to get to the Promised Land, which is anything but happy.

The British government has agreed with the French government to increase the number of border police, and millions more are to be invested in security fences with surveillance systems to secure Great Britain as a fortress against migrants already in France (Eurotunnel refugee defense: a fence should help). In Great Britain, elections are coming up, and the unwanted refugees are one of the main topics with which the parties want to distinguish themselves. Linked to this is the question of whether Great Britain should remain in the EU. The Eurotunnel is directly connected with this, after all it connects the island with the European mainland.

Politically, the British, like the rest of Europe, have no concept of how to cope with the flow of refugees, which was created not least by transatlantic geopolitics, i.e., the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the intervention in Libya and now the Islamic State with. Great Britain in particular has acted as a "Poodle" The U.S. has played a not inconsiderable role in the U.S. intervention policy, but does not want to bear the consequences. Home Secretary May would rather warn the refugees that the British strabs are not gilded either. That may be, but there is no bloody war going on in the country like in Syria or Iraq, where the British are fighting an air war with the Americans and others, and civilians are suffering as a result.

As in the Cold War, fences, walls, fortresses: Gated Nations via Deterrence Strategies (Migrants: British Government Relies on Shortcuts and Penalties) as a Panacea to Maintain the Status Quo. Although an aggressive wave of emigration from European countries had spilled over for centuries, especially to North and South America, but also to Africa, Asia and Australia, the fiction of the nation-state is now defended as if there had never been waves of immigration in Europe either. Once upon a time, the Europeans took power abroad over the "Indigenous", But this should not happen in reverse, even if the flood of refugees is caused by the former colonial policy and the current geopolitics.

But sealing off and building walls only helps to a limited extent. It is the same with apartments and houses as with computers. Technical security measures can always be cracked. In any case, the security fences to the Eurotunnel have also been surmounted by escapees. The Telegraph reports that around 30 migrants were able to open a security gate in the fence without any problems and enter the protected area. The door is secured with a security lock that can be opened by entering a code. The migrants have found out that certain numbers "dirty" The keys to the fence were dirtier, i.e. they were entered more often, while the other keys were cleaner, i.e. they were not used. According to the report, the door was secured with a lock, but the incident only shows that technical defenses are always defeatable.

Presumably most of the migrants will have been arrested. How long the code was known is not clear. In the meantime, it has become known that a Sudanese man is said to have managed the Eurotunnel to Fub and to have reached Great Britain. It is said to have taken him 11 hours for his risky crossing of the 50 km long tunnel, through which trains repeatedly race at high speed. The distance between the trains and the wall is said to be just 80 cm. It is quite possible that the success story, if true, will motivate more migrants to take the risk, which will cause more deaths. And it will result in millions more being spent on fences and technology to keep out unwanted immigrants.

Those who risk their lives to cross the Mediterranean to Europe will not be easily deterred, even if, in contrast to Islamist terrorists, they are not looking for a deadly adventure, but are striving for a better life out of the threat of death or poverty, i.e. they certainly have the will for self-preservation. But if you don’t see a future for yourself, you may prefer death to a life of misery. This was also the motto of many who emigrated to America. Even their descendants in the USA like to praise the "Pilgrim’s Father", but also build walls on the border with Mexico to fend off the new pilgrims. The Mayflower is only a model for the ships that now bring migrants to Fortress Europe.