“Significant increase in the use of firearms”

Photo: Rama / CC BY-SA 2.0 fr

France: internal paper indicates police officers are quicker to pick up guns and push since the beginning of the year

The knife attacker, who was killed on Sunday, 1.October, killed two women at the train station in Marseille, was killed very quickly once the security forces were alerted (cf. Knife attack in Marseille). Shooting had been done by foreign legionnaires, it soon emerged. They were in the context of Operation Sentinelle (German: Wache bzw. guard post) at the station prasent.

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The electronic spy in the car

Accident data recorders or black boxes for cars are getting cheaper and better – and they open up new monitoring possibilities

The freedom on the roads could soon be over with the further advent of electronics in cars and the surveillance possibilities it opened up. Toll and navigation systems provide an entry point, advanced accident data recorders or. -The use of an accident data recorder (UDS) or a driving data recorder (FDS) for cars is another matter. Costs are falling for the automotive black box, which could potentially curb risky driving, but also extend surveillance capabilities onto the road. Earlier this year, a majority of the participants in the 41. At the 5th Traffic Court Conference in Goslar, the government advocated the mandatory introduction of such a black box for cars.

With a UDS for automobiles, certain driving data such as speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration as well as changes in direction, overtaking maneuvers, skidding, cornering and jerking, activation of the brakes, turn signal or light are continuously recorded and rewritten. Accidents and critical driving maneuvers are automatically recorded, with a certain period of time before and after the incident, for example, the last 30 seconds before a collision and the first 15 seconds after it. It is possible to delete the memory or save the data of an incident.

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The wishes of the checkers

A senior English police officer calls for a comprehensive gene file of total taxation

In Germany, one starts just with the construction of the nationwide gene file, but already there are voices that demand, but not too careful, but the circle of those whose genetic identity should be absorbed may expand a wide way. Everything serves only the safety of the undue burgers, which were already driven in bulk to prove their innocence – and perhaps the first ground for that, which will probably come through further habitual and what a senior police officer coincidence loud BBC News from 5. May 1998 For already requested: create a gene file of the entire population.

If you have something to be available and the possibilities tasted, then you want more. This is not only about children, looking for all people, but also the safety powers. In the Great Britain, the genetic information has already collected more than 2,50000 people in a database. It has been found that in forty percent of the trap in which one has received a DNA sample at the location of a crime, a match with a genetic fingerprint could be produced.

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