Running spab instead of car traffic

The climate discussion is urgently needed in the sense of "not" and "(ab)". Traffic is guided to the large levers where you can start to quickly and effectively reduce the co2 outstall. You just have to want and everyone can do something very personal at any time.

That our crucial politicians, especially the youthful fortress, have a problem with this "wanting" is obvious. We should not all be influenced by their concern for workplace electoral votes. Even coarse parts of the industry have changed under the impression of the fact that. Time for a very individual road to cars with cars with hot supply drive? Maybe already spat, but right now with pleasure:

Some reader comments on my last appeal suggest that i did not get enough of it. I would like to apologize and bring more clarity with my re-entering the topic "joy driving".

Gas station 2020

Berlin, 24. October 2014 – no more fuel from the field. For more fuels from renewable energies. The ideal gas station of the year 2020 could look something like this: for the many cars in the fleet, there are mineral oil-based gasoline and diesel fuels. Without the addition of ethanol (e10, e5) or fatty acid methyl ester (b7), the dubious agro-fuel. Next to it, there is a hydrogen tank, which is not reformed from fossil natural gas, but produced on site by electrolysis with green electricity. And, of course, the cables will also supply several fast-charging stations for battery-electric cars of all standards.

An absurd vision? Not from a purely technical point of view. The reality will look much more nuchter, although an ordinance amendment to the federal immission control act (bimschg) passed last week creates the necessary leeway. Put simply, germany is already laying the groundwork for the national implementation of a biofuel quota law that will be changed by the eu at the beginning of 2015.

Review: with the use of so-called biofuels, the eu wanted to a) reduce dependence on imported crude oil and b) lower carbon dioxide emissions. The buck stopped with the mineral oil companies – it was and is up to them to decide how the specified quota was to be met. The unfortunate result is well known. The addition of ethanol to gasoline (up to ten percent by volume for e10, five percent for regular premium fuel) and fatty acid methyl ester ("fame" with a maximum of seven percent by volume, i.E. B7 for diesel fuel) met the standard. And indeed, agriculture got a boost. The debate about whether the competition between the tank and the plate is ethically correct still makes many drivers turn up their noses at biofuel. And whether co2 emissions have actually been reduced is uncertain.

General motors starts over again after slimming diet

General motors starts over again after slimming diet

Detroit, 10. July 2009 – general motors today announced its fresh start. "Today marks a new beginning for general motors," gm ceo fritz henderson said at the company’s detroit headquarters, the renaissance center – literally "center of rebirth­birth". So the name fits: after just 40 days, the world’s largest automaker has emerged from bankruptcy. However, the new gm group, freed from many legacy ies, is now majority state-owned. In return, well over 50 billion dollars (36 billion euros) of taxpayers’ money is being poured into the company for its rehabilitation.

Short and hard bankruptcy
this only on the 1. The creditor protection proceedings filed by the 100-year-old traditional corporation on june 1 were the coarsest in u.S. Industrial history to date. It proceeded much faster than some experts had expected. After already tough cuts, more than a dozen plants and 40 percent of the dealers will be closed again. Tens of thousands more jobs to go. In the future, gm plans to focus its efforts on the chevrolet, cadillac, buick and gmc brands.

Buying a car on ebay
in today’s press conference henderson explained his motto for the future: "customers, cars and culture". In the future, the executive board itself also intends to seek far more contact with customers than in the past. Fritz henderson wants to go on monthly trips starting in august to listen to their opinions – but also those of handlers, suppliers or employees. "If we don’t take customers seriously, nothing will work," henderson said. What came as a surprise was the brief announcement that a collaboration with ebay would be tested in california in the coming weeks. Cars will be able to be purchased by bidding as usual on ebay. As known from ebay, there will also be a "buy it now" option. However, details of this form of internet purchase have yet to be released.

Grun times differently: geiger dodge challenger srt8

Grun times differently: geiger dodge challenger srt8

Munich, 27. November 2008 – it’s been almost 40 years since a dodge challenger caused a stir on u.S. Highways. A challenger it really was, because in the model year 1970 it was placed as a competitor of the ford mustang. It is no different today. After the mustang gt laid the foundation for the comeback of the muscle cars a few years ago, the challenger is now asking for a duel again.

Strong for 14.900 euros

The base se model is powered by a 3.5-liter v6 with 250 hp. For even more fun, the 375-hp r. With the top model srt8, 425 hp make for satisfied faces among muscle car fans. But if that’s not powerful enough for you, you can get help from the munich-based tuner geiger. He’s taking the srt8 up a notch by installing a special supercharger kit that boosts the 6.1-liter eight-cylinder to a maximum of 569 hp and 678 nm of torque. The price for the power upgrade is 14.900 euros.

Optimum delay

According to the tuner, anyone with that much power under their bum should also be able to generate adequate negative acceleration. For this purpose, the srt8 gets a high-performance brake system for 6644 euros with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in the rear. In addition, an adjustable strut suspension from hr is available for 1529 euros, which can be further upgraded with sports stabilizers.

Slightly successful?

Slightly successful?

New york, 1. April 2015 – in the segment of luxury limousines make audi, bmw and mercedes at least feel the race for sales shares in this country among themselves, although there is no lack of interesting alternatives. A new start to this apparent bastion now takes cadillac with the ct6, which should also be sold in europe. He will be presented on the new york auto show.

A lightweight

Dimension and space are approximately what bmw offer with the 7s and audi with a8. However, with regard to its weight, the ami plays a class below: cadillac promises less than 1700 kilograms in the basic model. Whether the brand serves similar tricks like skoda at the new fabia, we currently do not know. But so or so that would be an outstanding value: at bmw and mercedes, the comparable models weigh at least about 200 kilograms more.

The comparatively low weight should contribute to not drifting the consumption values into those regions that can be found in gross and strong american cars to today. Of course, the engines should help. The entry marks a recharated two-liter four-cylinder with 198 kw (269 hp), which cadillac offers a 3.6-liter v6 without charging, which makes 250 kw (340 hp). Top model is a three-liter v6 with turbocharger, which makes 298 kw (405 hp). Behind the most powerful models of german providers, the ct6 remains a good stucco back. More important for a success also seems to us the offer of at least one diesel engine or hybrid drive. From both the first idea was not a speech. An eight-speed automatic is alternative, but the customer can choose between rear and four-wheel drive.



Offenbach, 12. December 2014 – hyundai has succeeded in recent years a remarkable step: the former european mass brands from france, italy and germany also the brand is obedited on the fur, in some cases she has already left the long-term representatives of the automotive middle class already behind. This success was by no means a coincidence, because hyundai and kia have simply good, temporary cars for fair courses in the program. Except for a few exceptions such as the veloster, the group is reflected on what is mass-compatible – niche models remain in front. At the time of this tactic, nothing is changed for the time being, because hyundai prefers to carefully maintain its successful models. And so in the next few months of the small car i20 in completely new form, i30 and i40 in easily overworked catch in the trade.

News barely visible

The i30 is auberlich changed only marginally. Among other things, there is a new front with geandertem and steeper standing grill. These new bi-xenon headlamps come with improved illumination, the ldws ldws and the smart parking assist system (spas). New offer are seats that are ventilated surcharge.

Longer changes at the petrol, in which only the 1.6-liter with 135 hp remains unchanged. The 1.4-liter engine was 14 kg lighter, to its power increased from 99 to 100 hp. More important is that hyundai is in the nedc managed an improvement of 6 to 5.6 liters. Nevertheless, this over processing difficult to understand, because in i20 hyundai has a modern one-liter turbo gasoline angekundigt which will make between 100 and 120 hp. We estimate that its potential is still rough at least in the nedc. New in the i30 is the 1,6-liter turbo gasinine known from the veloster with 186 hp and a maximum torque of 265 nm, which applies between 1500 and 4500 / min. Thus, the i30 should complete the standard sprint in a minimum of eight seconds and reach up to 219 km / h.

Ford boss mattes warns against price wars in the auto industry

Ford germany boss bernhard mattes warns of ruinous price battles in the european auto industry. The overcapacities of the mass manufacturers are continuing to increase and the situation is getting worse, the german manager of the u.S. Car manufacturer told the financial times germany (friday edition). According to the report, ford expects competition to continue to increase.

According to mattes, the oversupply will be countered by a significant drop in demand. "We estimate that the european market will shrink by 1.3 million vehicles this year. That is around 8.5 percent fewer than in 2011." the development had already impacted ford in the first quarter. Sales across europe were down by 60.000 cars across europe, and the us group had posted losses in europe. Peugeot and fiat had also sold significantly fewer cars.

The weak economy in the southern european countries is weighing heavily on sales by carmakers with a strong presence there. Due to the debt crisis, public budgets also have less leeway for concrete aid programs such as the scrappage scheme in germany in 2009. The eu commission and the european industry association acea are currently discussing possible aid. Experts agree that factory closures are necessary to prevent price erosion. Fiat boss sergio marchionne had also recently called for a 20 percent reduction in capacity.

Tikv awarded as a two project of the cloud native computing foundation

TikV awarded as a two project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The cloud native computing foundation (cncf) graduates tikv to the full-fledged open source organization project. It is the two project that experiences this kind award. The prerequisite for this was that tikv probably could have a corresponding maturity of topics such as growing acceptance, open governance process, features and a strong commitment to community and sustainability.

First rust project of the cloud native computing foundation

Tikv is a rust-written, distributed key value database (key value). It is based on the design of google cloud spanners and should provide users with simplified scheduling and auto balancing functions, without dependencies to a distributed file system. It serves as a uniform and square storage layer, which ensures consistent data and is scalable horizontally. This makes it suitable for cloud-native architectures whose requirement is a central task of the cncf.

Tikv relies on the raft consensus algorithm that should keep the data stable. Originally, tikv was intended as an assessment for the htap database (hybrid transactional and analytical processing) tidb, which is compatible with the mysql protocol. The project was developed from the ground up with a view of cloud environments and is apparently well integrated into the cncf okosystem. For example, it uses the monitoring system prometheus and the grpc protocol for calling functions in distributed computer systems and is an assessment to cncf projects such as the database clustering system vitess. And it is self-reliable, it is also possible with the container orchestration kubernetes, which is probably the most important project of the organization.

Opel boss: small suvs always good in demand

Opel boss: small suvs always good in demand

The small suvs segment will continue to grow after the opel chef’s opel chef michael lohscheller. "In particular, customers ask these little suvs strongly," said the manager at the iaa in frankfurt. The brand concerning the french psa group will significantly increase its suv share of 30 percent now. The compact cars could be driven using electric drives with very low consumption values.

The opel boss was facilitated that the company has not developed very rough suv so far. "Whether the rough, ie 5 meters plus, will have a future, since i did not put it on it," he said. "Maybe we are quite well positioned."The big opel suv grandland x measures 4.48 meters in the long and therefore stresses more traffic surface than a current opel astra.

The grandland x has been produced since the end of august 2019 in eisenach. Production is gradually shifted from the french sochaux to thuringen. At the beginning of 2020 a plug-in hybrid variant of the grandland x should follow. With a system performance of 300 hp, to which the gasoline engine is contributed to 200 hp, but a maximum of low consumption stood but obviously not in focus.

Ford bronco restomodding

Ford bronco restomodding

Ford revives the bronco – the off-roader that became a legend in the years from 1966 to -77. Such an emotional revival already worked successfully in the past years with the mustang, also a ford with a horse name. Not all pony-cars were sports cars, the bronco was on the farm even one of the plainest farm animals. While the new edition at the 2019 north american international auto show in detroit, michigan (14. To 27. January), the first series is coming back into fashion.

The original bronco has always had its loyal enthusiasts, but since word got out that a new one was coming, demand in the classic car market has skyrocketed. The restoration companies, which had specialized in the past years on the cult kraxler, can hardly save themselves from inquiries for restored copies. But it goes even more extreme. For example with restomodding.

Horse cure in 600 man hours

Classic ford broncos goes a few steps beyond restoration. The company has custom made broncos in the program, based on the models from 1966 to 1977. The old tin hat will be restored to top condition, but the technology will be brought up to today’s standards. For this are after arrangement ("bespoke") all refinements with equipment and interior are possible, which one can imagine. In addition, classic ford broncos also offers project work, which is oriented to the wishes of the customer. This leads at the earliest after about 35 to 45 days and about 500 to 600 man hours to the finished unique specimen.