Financial crisis: chicanery on the way to a global society

The personalization (greed) or playing off the state against the economy conceals the more complex background of the financial market crisis

The complexities of the "structured products" invented by financial mathematicians in the financial industry, which were too complex for the layman (investor) at least, disguised the lucrative trade in bad mortgage loans, which had been going on for years, as a simple chain letter construction. Today’s explanations for the now acute financial market or even world economic crisis seem to conceal a more complex social ie in their simplicity, in a strangely counter-current complementarity.

It is hardly satisfactory that the crisis is often reduced (by the mass media) to the culpable actions of a few individuals. It is a labeling fraud to brand the actions of investment bankers and brokers (and correspondingly investors, as is to be remembered) now in the crisis as "greedy" and "irresponsible", even from a prasidial address as immoral. In other words, what was previously business as usual – profit maximization, cost minimization and the pursuit of profit – has been successfully implemented. It is a personalization of the events, which can also be understood as a helpless effort of the mass media to bring complex ies closer to the audience.

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Obama: for the germans still the political superstar

According to the ARD-Deutschlandtrend four Funftel of the Germans find the Nato important, the German soldiers should be withdrawn however from Afghanistan

Before, Bush was the bad man from the USA, now Obama is the good man for the Germans. People expect the president of the USA, which is now ailing but still acts as a superpower, to regulate the fate of the world – for better or for worse. The anti-Americanism of recent years, which some have noted, was merely a rejection of the Bush administration, while expectations of the U.S. remained high. Barack Obama still shines in Germany, according to the latest ARD Deutschlandtrend. 80 percent of respondents like what he has done so far.

The Germans were obviously happy to have an Obama at the head of state instead of Merkel, Steinmeier and Co. also an Obama at the head of state. 76 percent would like to see politicians like Obama, and 72 percent say they have been pleasantly surprised by him since he took office. He seems to be doing everything right. 89 percent think. Under his leadership, the USA is back on the right track. The euphoria is just the all-or-nothing flip side of Bush’s earlier opposition. Now 78 percent of Germans again see the USA as a trustworthy partner. However, here stand the French – despite or because of Sarkozy? – still on top with 87 percent.

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Concentration camp with shower

Stefan Ruzowitzky’s "The false ones" does without salon Nazis, but here too, Jews are better at trickery and deception

Stefan Ruzowitzky’s "The Wrong" is not the first concentration camp film. But one of the most unusual. For he shows the exception to the rule: prisoners who were well-fed and hygienically housed, whose survival the Nazis strove to prevent. For the titular "False" were experts in the field of money and document forgery. The Nazi regime formed a special unit out of them, whose main purpose was the production of false foreign currency for the war effort. The dilemma: After successful falsification, they face certain death – if only for reasons of secrecy. The film, which is conventional in its way of making, asks more good questions about history and cinema than it finds the right answers, an interesting film worth seeing, with considerable shortcomings.

Not everything is successful in Stefan Ruzowitzky’s film, but before any criticism, it must be said that "The counterfeiters" is one of the most exciting and interesting of the feature films that have been made in recent years to tell the stories of the National Socialist era. No less than in "The Downfall" or "Sophie Scholl" Here, actual events are faithfully recounted, but in contrast to the last days in the Fuhrerbunker and Gestapo cellar, the protagonists are not world-famous.

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Ireland faces the wall with its back to the wall

After the neoliberal summer, Ireland has plunged into debt winter – every Irishman is half a million dollars in foreign debt

Ireland bows to massive prere from the EU and is now toying with the idea of slipping under the euro bailout umbrella against its own will. Without the irresponsible talkativeness of the chancellor it would never have come so far.

Ireland stands with its back to the wall

Image: O’Dea, CC License

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Ultimatum to poland and hungary

ultimatum to poland and hungary

Viktor Orban during a video conference on 2.12. Image: EU

The EU wants above all to "Reconstruction Fund" get free and get going with fund money without both states if necessary

In the EU Commission, some people are obviously bursting at the seams in view of the blockade attitude of Hungary and Poland. Both countries, with their announced veto of the 2021-2021 EU budget, are also blocking the associated "Reconstruction Fund". Because they are against linking the disbursement of funds to compliance with the rule of law, although they have largely been able to water that down anyway.

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Laser weapon aboard plane successfully destroys missile

laser weapon successfully destroys a missile on board an aircraft

the Boeing 747-400 equipped with a laser. Image: MDA

The Missile Defense Agency speaks of a revolution

The Pentagon has been developing laser weapons for years. Now the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) reports success with a chemical laser weapon installed on a Boeing 747 aircraft. The Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB) has succeeded in destroying a short-range ballistic missile shortly after launch. Such tests with the weapon system, which has been in development since the 1990s, were originally planned for 2003 (laser weapon against long-range missiles). The idea itself goes back to the Strategic Defense Initiative launched by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

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False journeys

The "Friedman case" is a case Karge – but no conspiracy

"Image" women once again everything – and nothing. Under the headline "Conspiracy?" he said last Saturday: "It is a bad smell, a monstrous suspicion! Did Berlin prosecutors close to the FDP plot against Michel Friedman?? Is that how they wanted to smoke Jurgen Mollemann?? … The rumors were fed by the closeness of some well-known prosecutors to the Berlin FDP, especially to the Liberals in the district of Spandau. In the 1990s, a circle had formed there under the leadership of the former Attorney General Alexander von Stahl (FDP), which had described itself as national-conservative …!"

Let us remain with the facts. The statements on the alleged cocaine consumption of the TV presenter come from three prostitutes – witnesses who can be blackmailed from any side due to their insecure status. When Friedman’s office and living quarters were raided, only three bags with traces of cocaine were found in the micro area. These are amounts that indicate personal use, but by no means a coarse stock or even trade – and only that is punishable in Germany. In the meantime, the cocaine-positive hair sample is said to have shown nothing else.

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Resignation of yatsenyuk: kiev wants to avoid new elections

After a two-month government crisis, a Poroshenko confidant is now expected to call a fresh start without new elections – the Fatherland Party, the Opposition Bloc and the Radical Party were then in the lead

Ukrainian President Poroshenko also embarrassed by the Panama Papers. After that, the oligarch, who still did not divest from his companies as promised when he took office, had set up three interconnected shell companies scattered in the Virgin Islands, Cyprus and the Netherlands. Apparently, no large sums of money have been transacted through it, and it is quite possible that it has more.

The revelation has dealt a blow to the already troubled government after the ruling coalition had already collapsed. Calls for the resignation of the president have been voiced by the right-wing. Now it has happened to the President of the Republic as well. Overthrown, Poroshenko now wants to ensure more transparency and an acceleration of reforms in general.

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The new glamorous arabia and the slave trade with nepal

Qatar is investing billions in the 2022 World Cup and a city of the future. At the expense of a workforce treated like prison inmates. Officials say only labor brokers are to blame

20-year-olds dying suddenly of heart attacks? At least 44, mostly young men died in the period from 4. June to 8. August in Qatar, almost every day. More than half die of heart failure – or occupational injury. According to a Guardian report, the causes are not accidental, but are linked to the brutal, exploitative working conditions to which Nepali workers are subjected in Qatar.

Qatar is one of the rich Gulf states from which a lot of money flows into the support networks of jihadist or Salafist militias. The accusation is officially denied by the Qatari ruling house, but in the so-called informed circles there is no doubt about the donations to radical Islamic opposition groups in Syria. Qatar also played a central role in supporting the Libyan and Tunisian Islamists; allegedly also in Egypt and in Africa (The interventionist emirate).

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This sounds like a welfare program for spies

Clinton calls for more money to fight cyberterrorism

Bill Clinton has made it his own task, even if or precisely because the political role of the president is damaged, to maintain the USA with all determination as the superpower of the world (The US Security Strategy for the Next Century). In addition to billions to boost conventional defense, he proposed, in a speech to the National Academy of Sciences, to increase defense spending in the next fiscal year, which begins on 1 January. October, an additional earmark 8 billion dollars for the fight against new terrorist threats posed by information technology and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Clinton plans to spend $10 billion on counterterrorism alone, including $1.5 billion to fight cyberterrorism and protect the nation’s infrastructure. That was 40 percent more than in 1997. In addition, spending on protection against attacks with biological and chemical weapons will be doubled.

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