Tegel airport: clarity on contaminated sites after closure

Tegel airport: clarity on contaminated sites after closure

Despite far-reaching plans for the tegel airport area, it is not clear to what extent the ground is contaminated with pollutants. It also remains to be seen whether there are still dormant deposits underground. "Statements on soil contamination can only be made once the site has been put into operation and is freely accessible for investigations," finance secretary jens spahn (cdu) responded to a question from the fdp in the bundestag.

Fdp member of parliament christoph meyer said of spahn’s rearances: "this shows that on the federal and senate sides they don’t know exactly what costs the state will still have to bear. This is completely a black box for all of us."The fdp has been campaigning for years not to close tegel. It is clear to everyone that after decades of flight operations, considerable ground pollution is to be expected, meyer said.

The explosive ordnance has been removed from parts of the site so that aircraft can take off and land safely. According to the paper, however, it is not yet possible to say whether the flat is also suitable for apartments. Tegel airport is to close when the new capital airport in schonefeld comes on stream. As things stand at present, this is planned for october 2020. The 460-hectare site in tegel will then be home to a research and business park and apartments.

Piracy of attention?

Playboy sues search engines

Search engines are still the most important portals into the cyberspace and therefore expensive virtual places. Because they are visited by many people, it is worthwhile to place advertisements on them. However, it is even more attractive when a provider who wants to attract visitors is at the top of the list when certain search terms are entered. Some search engines like gotobieten first places for money. But there are more problems, because in the highly competitive world of attention there is also the protection of brand names. Prominent brand names naturally attract others who want to share in the attention and use it for their own benefit. And there are now two interesting lawsuits that could influence or even disrupt the business of search engines.

For example, if you enter the brand name playboy on excite or netscaspe, the url of the magazine appears at the top of the list, but the advertising banner of a pornographic provider also appears above the list. Last week, playboy filed a lawsuit against both portals for their "unauthorized use" to prevent playboy’s brand name from being used to sell banner advertising to other providers. This is damaging to business and unfair competition and violates the protection of the brand name. According to the plaintiff, this linking of the brand name with advertising for a pornographic site is a case of hijacking "hijacking" of playboy’s reputation. In addition, the lawsuit is about the fact that besides the search results for sites related to playboy or playmate, there are also links to other pornographic sites that allegedly advertise on the two portals.

Process start in trier: never dailate giant procedure at the cyber bunker


This monday was at the 1. Gross youth chamber of the landgericht trier the process against the wireholders of the darknet data centrum cyberbunker, which was a year ago. Four netherlands, three germans and a bulgarian is accused, as operator of this so-called bulletproof hoster almost 250.000 offenses with mimic. The process is the first of this kind in german punishment, where the operators of a hosting service for the crimes of their customers are concerned.

The prosecutor accuses the defendant the formation of a criminal association that existed only for the purpose of benefiting from the criminal offenses of other criminals. The defendant threatens theoretically a high-end penalty of 15 years of prison, two of them were full or partially adolescent at the time of the acts and can therefore count on a milder judgment.

Mammoth process on the moselle

The mammoth process on the moselle is scheduled with two negotiation days per week until the end of 2021. A tremendous period of time, which could be explored after the skill of the crimes to be examined to be examined. The prosecutor’s office raises the defendant a total of seven crime complexes. So they had the four underground marketplaces cannabis road, wall street market, fraudsters and flightsvamp 2.0 hosted. In addition, according to prosecutor, they have three trading pace operated for experimental, synthetic drugs from china. Furthermore, they are accused of hosting a link list of 6500 websites in the gate network, over the drugs, counterfeit money, murdering, weapons and child pornography were traded.

Syria: trump celebrates his “crude and incomparable wisdom”

Syria: trump celebrates his'grobartige und unvergleichliche weisheit'

Kurdish women’s movement in europe calls for resistance to the threat of invasion. Image: anfnews

The u.S. President’s impulsive decision to withdraw u.S. Troops from northern syria gambles away political trust even among close allies; the pentagon warns turkey

The withdrawal of u.S. Troops from territory controlled by the syrian kurds did not come as a complete surprise. Donald trump had already announced this in april 2018, but abandoned it due to the poison gas attack that followed shortly thereafter, which the u.S., along with the uk and france, responded to by bombing syria’s allegedly remaining chemical weapons program. Already at that time it was clear for the kurds that they cannot rely on the usa – in the end it was also a signal to all allies that there are no liabilities with donald trump.

Forked tongue

The egyptian regime knows that it can count on the acquiescence of western countries; development minister niebel explains why more money must remain in the country

In egypt, the situation for protesters no longer looks so pleasant. Despite all the rallies, despite new protests by the unions and changes in the government, the regime is firmly in the saddle; it seems to want to sit out the unrest for the time being, makes promises to the outside world that it does not keep, and starts making threats again. Vice president suleiman said that civil disobedience would no longer be tolerated.

This is also possible because mubarak and his corrupt network have seen that foreign countries, the usa in particular, exert verbal prere, but no consequences follow. They want to keep all doors open, which also means that they do not openly side with the opponents of the regime and do not want to alienate mubarak completely if everything remains more or less as it is. In addition, the familiar persons then love to assert their own interests at the expense of the people as before and to preserve the much-invoked stability.