Study: china has a lot of work in environmental and climate protection

Study: China has a lot of work in environmental and climate protection

China has a long way in the implementation of its environmental and climate goals, according to a new analysis. Although china’s own "green goals", which it had set in his youngest five-year plan in 2016, already fulfilled or stand in front of it. Nevertheless, for the people’s republic in terms of sustainability, only one "mixed track record", in a work of scientists of the china institute merics in berlin, it is called in a different analysis of scientists.

Still too many dirty energy sources

The people’s republic is the country with the world’s largest greenhouse gas outstob. Although china adding year more capacities to renewable energies than any other nation, the country is still too much of the country "dirty" energy sources depending on the merics experts anna holzmann and nis grunberg.

Alone in the first half of 2020 in china, nearly 20 gigawatts (gw) would have been added to coal power capacity and another 48 gw has been approved at coal-fired power plants. This is more than all coal power in germany together. The authors also stood that a system actually planned for the past year was postponed to trading emission rights. In addition, beijing in chinese investments in carbon-intensive projects abroad yet no strict limits.

Passive conscientious objection

The german armed forces complain about obesity among young people

According to a confidential report of the ministry of defense to the bundestag, which was leaked to the hannoversche allgemeine zeitung, the bundeswehr is having increasing problems with recruiting new recruits. The reason given is not only the low birth rate, but also the increasing obesity.

In the light of this report, the most recent political plans for a "campaign against obesity", as the suddeutsche zeitung dubbed the campaigns for public health, a whole new dimension. Is obesity among young people being deliberately used as a means of destroying military strength, which could be countered with a powerful tax increase??

Morale of u.s. Soldiers in iraqi enemy territory

According to a pentagon report, more than half of u.S. Soldiers surveyed say iraqi civilians need not be treated with respect

According to a study of the mental health of u.S. Soldiers in iraq conducted last year, completed in november 2006, and only now published, they appear to be unfit, or no longer fit, to act as a neutral force, if they ever were. Many soldiers have already attacked iraqi civilians and damaged their property without any reason. A shocking number of them also say that they do not believe iraqi civilians should be treated with dignity and respect. This attitude, also documented in numbers (shot at a roadblock), appears to be not only a consequence of the experience in iraq, but it could have contributed to the deepening of the conflict and the broad rejection of u.S. Soldiers that polls show.

Although such mental health reports have been made annually since 2003, 2006 was the first year that soldiers who had completed combat missions were also asked about moral attitudes. Soldiers were given questionnaires to fill out anonymously, and interviews were conducted. The inclusion of moral attitudes had been ordered last year by general george casey, then commander in chief of coalition forces in iraq. Next to 1.320 soldiers (86% men, 49% 20-24 years), 447 marines (93% men, 66% 20-24 years) were also included for the first time.