Do it again, sweden

Do it again, Sweden

Sweden’s State Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell Stays True to His Line. Image: Frankie Fouganthin/CC BY-SA-4.0

Government tightens recommendations, but continues to rely on reason and solidarity instead of bans

No one could accuse the Swedish health authority of scaremongering and activism so far. But since hospitals are once again filled with covid patients, their admonitions have become more urgent. And in five regions, covering more than half of the population, rules are already in place that are suspiciously being followed "Lockdown Light" sound – only voluntarily. "We must show the same solidarity as we did in the spring", warns state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell.

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Family minister kristina schroder wants gender policy even for boys

Boys like to break out of their typical gender roles, but often do not know how

For years, the topic of equality was mainly looked at the situation of Madchen and women – because above all the female gender suffer from discrimination and unequal treatment. But for several years this picture is changing. After all, studies come to the conclusion that even boys are disadvantaged, especially at school.

As the fixed role-writing, which confronts boys and girls are confronted, increasingly soften and walk, Federal Family Minister Kristina Schroder (CDU) has called a young advisory board. Shortly before the end of the legislative period, he now presents his final report on the situation of the boys in Germany.

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How strongly does the U.S. support Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood??

One might wonder how the U.S. government is reacting to the events in Egypt. David Ignatius describes as strangely restrained the comments from Washington on Mursi’s concentration of power and the demonstrations, which are about values that Obama has always upheld.

Officially, the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood keep their distance. On the occasion of the wave of anger in front of U.S. embassies in early September, U.S. President Obama declared that U.S.-Agyptian relations in "ongoing work" are: "I would not consider them as allies, but also not as an enemy. They are a new government that is seeking its own way." With "" apparently meant the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Californian law against outsourcing abroad

New protectionism for the preservation of prosperity in times of globalization

In California, public presentation should only be awarded more companies that are committed to accessing staff within the United States. A corresponding template has approved the Californian Senate, the lower house must only agree with some of the Senate’s requested changes. Then it is at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to sign or insert a Veto.

Outsourcing has not been spaded since the end of the subsistence twist no more novel phanomena. The so-called offshoring, in which certain work is outsourced in Lander’s Lower Lower Level, was everyday in the industrial age – as long as simple, poorly paid activities were affected. Now, wherever more and more tasks are done with higher qualifications such as specialized call center services or software programming in emerging markers, new resistance stimulates. Certain society layers are for the first time threatened by offshoring and call for prohibitions.

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Nord stream 2: us ambassador grenell warns german companies

Nord Stream 2: US Ambassador Grenell warns German companies

Richard Grenell. Image: Dod

"Clear message of US policy": The commitment is with one "significant sanction risk" tied together

The US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell sets as, today, for example, the Tagesschau is reported, German companies involved in the gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2, "apparently always stronger" negative prere. Grenell should have communicated companies by mail that they deal with their commitment to the Russian Energy Export Sector "participate in something that is associated with a significant sanction risk".

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“Digital photography has transformed photojournalism more than ever before”

Once again manipulated and staged photos from Lebanon were discovered by news agencies

Just recently, the Reuters news agency ended its cooperation with photographer Adnan Hajj, who had manipulated photos from Lebanon (The Truth of Digital Images). Pro-Israeli bloggers had first discovered the poorly done manipulation of a photo showing the aftermath of a bombing of Beirut. In the process, the distrust of the images of the bombing in Cana has again been reinforced (Israeli bombs on Cana: massacre or Hisbollywood?), especially after a Lebanese rescue worker kept showing up wearing a green helmet (who, in a later picture, is now wearing a white helmet). Now other bloggers have again found doctored photos from Lebanon, taken by the AP and Reuters news agencies, and want to demonstrate that the media is allegedly biased against Israel and that the pro-Arab side systematically misrepresents images (Hizbollywood).

The AP photography from 5. August

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Exceptionally, the aubertirdisches were not!

Which sealed the downfall of the Mayan culture

Non-Palao Astronauts à la Daniken, not wars or acute environmental disasters, but a gradual climate change satisfied the Mayan culture an end. Like scientists of the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam (Gfz) and the ETH Zurich together with US colleagues in the science magazine "Science" (. 299, nr. 5613, PP. 1731-1735) reported, a long dry period brought the classic Mayan culture on a highly probably. In the 8. and 9. Century had no longer enough water to store water for their increased population.

The Auberrirdisches were not it!

Image: nasa

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Only one in 6. U.s. Burger knows exactly where ukraine is located

Only one in 6 U.S. citizens knows exactly where ukraine is located

The location of Ukraine, Crimea is still assigned to Ukraine. Image: David Liuzzo

According to one poll, the propensity to bury military intervention appears to increase with growing (geographic) ignorance

The US government is putting enormous prere on the EU and Russia over Ukraine. The aim is to strengthen the transatlantic alliance and to isolate and weaken Russia. Even if, in terms of realpolitik, attempts are being made to get the crisis under control diplomatically, the media seems to be happy to stage the old confrontation between East and West again, even if interest has long since shifted to Asia and Africa. But how do the Americans see it?

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What is the difference between iraq and ivory coast??

In the dispute over a U.S. attack on Iraq, serious differences within Europe have also come to light

That a second U.S.-Iraqi war within twelve years would have a lasting impact on the geopolitical situation is an analysis that is currently gaining acceptance across the political spectrum. In fact, the very preparation of the war has a considerable impact on the political relations between Europe and the USA on the one hand, and within Europe on the other hand.

In the dispute over a new war in Iraq, three blocs have emerged in Europe that will probably determine the diplomatic scenario in the medium term. In the south of the continent, a group of states led by right-wing governments and consisting of Spain, Portugal and Italy is being formed. It is flanked by the EU candidate Turkey. Diese Gruppe steht – von nationalistischen Tendenzen etwa in Italien abgesehen -uneingeschrankt an der Seite Washingtons. Europe’s center, led by France and Germany, pursues an independent line and opposes the increasing influence of the U.S. both geopolitically and within Europe. This alliance tends to be close to the Benelux countries. The decisive factor for future influence, however, is Eastern Europe. Here the U.S. Secretary of State sees the "New Europe".

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After un resolution: netanyahu backs trump

After un-resolution: netanyahu backs trump

Vote on Resolution 2334 (2016) in the UN Security Council. Image: UN Photo/Manuel Elias

After the U.S. failed to veto a UN resolution to halt settlement construction, Israel deepens its isolation

On the Friday before Christmas, U.S. President Obama, still in office, sent another signal to Donald Trump and to the Israeli government. Obama, as demanded, refused to give Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the long-held position of vetoing resolutions against Israel in the UN Security Council. Trump had also called for this in a tweet.

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