Cuba transfer

The detention conditions for taliban and al-qaeda fighters in cuba are criticized by human rights organizations, pictures just released by the pentagon love the criticism even louder

Guantanamo bay has a climate similar to san diego/california with regular temperatures around 26 to 32 degrees celsius. Whether this is a reason to rejoice for the captured taliban and al-qaida fighters now being shipped by the pentagon to the u.S. Navy base in cuba must be doubted. According to the motto "tui – you have earned it" the global prisoner transport with subsequent vacation stay in the caribbean does not expire. But what will become of this bizarre mission is unclear anyway, as the pentagon has not revealed any plans for what will happen to the 363 taliban and al-qaida fighters currently held in cuba in the future. 1.000 u.S. Soldiers have arrived in cuba to provide tighter security for capacities of up to 2.000 inmates to meet.

Cuba transfer

Prisoner in camp x-ray at naval base guantanamo bay. Photos from the pentagon

Wild virtual west

On the internet, myths and source-based historical accounts can form fruitful alliances

In many comments on the terrorist attacks of 11. September, it was noted positively that the u.S. Had not reacted blindly in wild west fashion. In other respects, however, there are parallels to the "wild west". This is illustrated particularly dramatically by the general george a. Custer home page, which greets visitors with the words "we will never forget" and a photograph of the ruins of the world trade center.

Custer’s name is associated with the memory of the most sensitive defeat of the u.S. Army in the war against the native americans. A complete regiment under his command was killed on 25. July 1876 killed by outnumbered sioux at the battle of little bighorn.

Hands-on: sony sal-500f40g

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Simple chick. Auben can be the inner values of sonys 13.000 euro expensive sal-500f40g only guess.

Unpacked. The sony sal-500f40g comes in a solid aluminum case. The scope of supply is a sun visor (alc-sh118), which recalls the actual optics again by 16 centimeters on a total of impressive 51 centimeters. Almost every visitor of our buros frozen before this sight. Also to impress the weight of the woman: at the latest, if you try to keep the approximately four and a half kilos at the attached camera, while focusing on hand. Even in the autofocus operation, the optics are just a short period of time. Therefore, a stable tripod with an equally robust ball head is obligatory.

Sony sal-500f40g

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Spitzmouth rhino

sony dslr-a900 with sal-500f40g, 500 mm, f / 4.0, 1/200 s, iso 400, tripod. Since the rhino moved in his enclosure only in a narrow terrain, it was difficult to split it in front of a homogeneous background.

Ferrari open topics park in abu dhabi

Ferrari open topics park in abu dhabi

Yas island, abu dhabi (united arab emirates), 7. November 2007 – on yas island in the arab emirate abu dhabi, ferrari today gave the official starting signal to the construction of the world’s first ferrari-themed park today with the foundation stone. Present were numerous official and guests of honor from all over the world, among them ferrari-prasident luca di montezemolo and ahmed ali al sageegh, the prasident of the grundstucksgesellschaft aldar, who has mediated the project.

Montezemolo: "a special year for ferrari"

In the foundation, among other things, a time capsule was installed, which contains a connecting rod and a piston from the formula 1 world champion car f2007 as well as the first art drawing of the theme park. The capsule should be for 100. Birthday from ferrari to be opened again – in 2047. "This is a very special year for ferrari," said di montezemolo. "In addition to the book-taking success of our gt vehicles, it brought us the design world cup and the driver title for kimi raikkonen to maranello in formula 1. I am very proud to be today at the symbolic start of this coarse project. In addition, ferrari commits its 60 in 2007. Birthday, which is why this celebration is a special meaning."

Italian flair

The theme park is a joint project between the italian automobile manufacturer and the native primary butt company aldar properties. The 250.000 square meter gross area, from the 80.Be built 000 square meters, on the one hand, is supposed to reflect the flair and the culture of italy, but at the same time the car history and the racing success of ferrari.

Sky: new packages, new prices

Sky: New packages, new prices

The pay-tv provider sky anchtes his tariff structure and lowers prices. The two-year term of the subscriptions. After the first year of your subscription, customer can also know each month, but then the booked packages are a bit more expensive. A deflection for another year to the gentlemen conditions is possible. The new tariff structure eliminates the previously chargeable options for hd or the sky-q receiver.

Hd costs nothing more…

Sky q, sky go and hd are now in the new basic package "entertainment" with in it, which costs 12.50 euros per month at a year old life. There are numerous series – including hbo and tnt – as well as own productions of sky. For 7.50 euros more there are in the package "entertainment plus" also netflix (standard subscription with hd). The basic package can be combined with different other packages: fubball bundesliga (12.50 euros), sport with international fubball (5 euro), cinema (10 euro) and the new kids package (5 euros).

After the first year, the subscription is only one month for each month. With the exception of the kids package, the price of the booked packages is increasing by 2.50 euros per month. If you want to keep yourself the more favorable tariffs, you must first define one year. This possibility should also get existing customers. "With our new packages and our new price structure, we make it easier and more convenient for our customers", if ceo devesh raj explains the new subscription structure.

Intel promotes state aid for semiconductor production

Intel promotes state aid for semiconductor production

The us group intel has again pronounced state aid for semiconductor production. "It should be created a favorable environment that allows the chip manufacturers to be competitive with a production in europe", deutschlandchefin christin eisenschmid said the editorial network germany (saturday) according to advance notice. Conne in asia by 40 percent cheaper than produced in europe. The coarse part of it comes from subsidies, resulting in the industrial strategy of governments for many years. "A similar collateral policy is also mailling to produce more semiconductors in europe", was quoted ironschmid.

"An outstanding opportunity for the business location bavaria"

The us group already operates a chippabrik in ireland, plans another location in europe and expects a demand for billions. Bavaria is hoping for the settlement of a chip factory of the california industry giant intel in the south of the free state. "The location penzing-landsberg and the region total goods for the project excellently suited", federal minister of economics hubert aiwanger (free wahler) of the augsburg general (saturday).

He could convince himself of a local date this week of this and look forward to that the municipal council penzing and the citytrat landsberg supported such an application. "We are also in close contact with the company and will use us for the region and the project", said aiwanger. "The potential settlement of a coarse international semiconductor producer in bavaria is an outstanding opportunity for the business location bavaria."

Burma: un observers and a mass grave

Burma: un-observers and a mass grave

Armed forces accuse arakan rohingya salvation army (arsa) of carrying out massacre of hindus

The burmese government has officially invited united nations observers to see the situation on the ground in the civil-war province of rakhine. A visit to maungdaw, which was originally scheduled for yesterday, was postponed at short notice until next week due to bad weather conditions: in october the monsoon ends there and the dry season begins. Earlier, un secretary-general antonio guterres had accused the government of the southeast asian country of ethnic cleansing because almost half of the ethnic bengalis living in this troubled region had fled not to the interior of the country but to neighboring bangladesh, where their ancestors came from and where their language is spoken.

Hau do-suan, burma’s ambassador to the un, had made this accusation in a speech to the general assembly as a "unfounded" and "irresponsible" rejected. According to him, the burmese government is doing everything in its power to help the rohingya bengalis living in rakhine. Burma’s head of government, aung san suu kyi, had already publicly emphasized last week that the rohingya who had fled to bangladesh had the right to return to burma as a matter of course. Social welfare minister win myat aye said wednesday that two reception centers will be built in taungpyo letwe and ngakhuya for the return of rohingya bengalis who have fled to bangladesh at a cost of about fourteen and a half million us dollars. There, the un and the red cross could also provide assistance, which is currently only possible to a limited extent in the center of the conflict for security reasons.

Swiss telephone network: swisscom after another failure under pressure

Swiss telephone network: Swisscom after another failure under prere

In the night on friday, almost in the whole of switzerland, there were considerable impacts of the fixed network connections of swisscom. "Partly calls were constructed and canceled after a few seconds", hosted a spokesman of the network operator opposite our site. The disruptions have already ended from about midnight until 8 o’clock on friday morning. Affected were connections for business customers and emergency numbers. No disorders existed according to swisscom information in the mobile network.

It is not exactly clear, which was the cause of the massive operating scans. According to swisscom, the disruption has been grabbed a misconduct within a data center network of the business voip platform. But it will "continued intensively on the analysis of the cause of the disruption", said the speaker.

Several trap

It is the third failure of emergency numbers in two years. And there were always problems with swisscom. Equally last night, the emergency numbers have been asked in many places, as there were violent storms and overflows again in many places. In the canton st. The burgers were asked to ie themselves in an emergency to the next police station or fire department station.

Apple pays many millions for music film

Apple has secured the rights to a music document for a high amount of money. "Billie eilish: the world’s a little blurry" the iphone group will cost a total of $ 25 million, report specialized media. The contract is now in dry traffickers and apple has placed on youtube also an envision video. The fans of the 18-year sanger singer must wait for the documentation on their lives, however, still wait a while: the eilish strip will see only in february 2021 at apple tv +.

Renowned director

In parallel, there should also be a cinema evaluation – especially to give the doku opportunities on renowned film prices, which usually require a light-catching. Director of "the world’s a little blurry" ("the world is a bit blurry") becomes r. J. Cutler, the various known doco like "the war was room" about the election campaign of bill clinton or "the september ie" about the "vogue"-magazine and his editor-in-chief anna wintour has produced.

Not the first expensive documentary

According to the first information on the film, it should go in the eilish-doku for the time after publication of your grammy-excellent debutalbum in 2019. Even private insights into the family life of the 18-year-old are supposed to see. Apple had previously set millions of dollars in dokus from the music area. These then landed at the music streaming offer apple music – such a documentary for taylor swift’s tour and "songwriter" with ed sheeran.

“The force is growing again”bundeswehr speaks optimistically of “milestone”

Advertising for the bundeswehr. Image: bundeswehr

Allegedly, the bundeswehr is the third most popular employer among schoolchildren, after the police and adidas

For the first time in a long time, the bundeswehr can report success in recruiting personnel. After two years of failing to reach the 170 mark, the bundeswehr is optimistic.000 professional and temporary soldiers, the company has now reached the target of 170,000 "milestone" in july and proudly proclaims: "the trend reversal personnel unfolds its effect." this was announced by the ministry of defense von der leyen in may 2016 (bundeswehr should become more colorful).