Division: trump wants to force sale of tiktok

Division: Trump wants to force sale of Tiktok

Us prasident donald trump makes serious: with a new frosting against tiktok he seems to force the sale of the us business of the popular chinese video app. With the fraction, which should grab 45 days, trump prohibits us burgers, "businesses" with bytedance, the owner of the app to make. The app job "threat" national security, banned it in the influence published on thursday evening. The app collect large amounts of user data and kone it the communist party china mam to spy out americans, strolled it.

Trumf had been reprinting on a sale of the us business to an american company. With the fraction he seems to force this: if the adoption should not be explained by a court for non-unfolded, tiktok in the us was no longer available in 45 days. In addition, the prasident also went against the chinese app wechat. The procedure marked a new escalation level in the tense relationships with china.

Microsoft deal

Microsoft brought itself to the massive political prere from the sowing house to take the us business of the video app to take over. The company wants to negotiate a deal with the private chinese ownership until mid-september. The tikok operation in canada, australia and new zealand should also be part of the agreement, explained microsoft in a blog entry in the night of monday. Europe was not mentioned. Microsoft wants to ensure that all personal data from us burgers transfer to the usa and were only collected there.

Helmut newton: sex and landscapes – us and them

The museum for photography in berlin represents the collections again "us and them" and "sex and landscapes" from helmut newton and alice springs. Helmut newton had selected these images originally selected for the open exhibition in 2004 themselves. Due to his tragic accident death, unfortunately he could not affect the opening of the museum dedicated to him. For the ten-year jubilee room, the choice of june newton fell back to the same pictures.

The helmut newton foundation in the museum for photography

Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes - US and Them

The museum for photography

the museum for photography at jenbenstrabe in berlin has been pictures of the helmut newton foundation since 2004.

The museum for photography is located directly at the train station zoo. The imposing building from 1909 was built in origionary militar purposes, it was a casino for the officers of the empire. This is still evidenced by the emperor wilhelm ii dedicated inscription to the front of the building. After two lost world wars, the house turned into the possession of the berlin senate and is used for exhibition purposes. The location directly at zoo station was committed to helmut newton with special memories. At this station he had to say goodbye in 1938 on the flight in front of the nazis of his parents.

Federal government: “conceptless in dealing with is supporters”

Federal Government:'konzeptlos im umgang mit is-anhangern'

Detention center in derek, northern syria, where is jihadists attempted an escape in april. Image: anf

Criticism in view of 160 disappeared german is supporters. In paris, together with european partners, a special international court is being considered as a solution

The german is fighters are a sensitive ie for politicians. It is touched, if at all, only with pointed fingers. In february, for example, interior minister seehofer, who always keeps a close eye on public sentiment, signaled that germany was fundamentally in favor of the "admission of the jihadist adherents" was ready. But he also stressed that he had "did not want to take in dangerous people".

Hyundai i30cw with 1.6-liter diesel on test

Hyundai i30cw with 1.6-liter diesel on test

Dubrovnik (croatia), 2. April 2008 – in the compact class, there are now a number of suppliers. No wonder, after all, this vehicle segment is the most popular in germany. This makes the relatively small number of station wagons offered in the golf class all the more surprising – one or the other manufacturer is probably afraid that a compact loadmaster will give rise to internal competition for larger models. From the chevrolet nubira wagon to the vw golf variant, there are just nine compact station wagon models in germany. So far, there has not been a hyundai among them. This is changing with the i30cw, the counterpart to the largely identical cee’d sporty wagon from sister company kia. We tested the newcomer with the 116-hp 1.6-liter diesel for you.

Plenty of space in the rear, less in the trunk

The station wagon is 23 centimeters longer than the sedan and measures just under 4.50 meters. The proportions are similar to those of the golf. Unlike the wolfsburg, hyundai’s compact station wagon also has a longer wheelbase – albeit only by five centimeters. As a result, there is a little more space in the station wagon for passengers and luggage. In terms of knee and headroom in the cheap seats, the i30cw is fully satisfactory. However, the trunk is not very coarse: it holds 415 to 1395 liters and thus offers about 100 liters less than the vw golf variant, which transports 505 to 1495 liters. Even more cargo space is offered by the skoda octavia combi with 580 to 1620 liters. The i30cw’s loading sill is 61 centimeters high, which is about the middle of the road. It is somewhat disturbing that you do not find a completely flat load floor after folding down the back seats: only the backrests, but not the seat cushions, can be folded down. The area around the back seats rises slightly. But there is no loading threshold that could interfere with the unloading of heavy objects. Also the hatch opens sufficiently far upwards.

The all devouring giant

The all-devouring giant

Gc 1277 is part of the perseus galaxy cluster, which is with a distance of 250 million light-years one of the most earth-nearest galaxy clusters. All the elliptical and roundish yellowish galaxies visible in this image are part of the cluster. Compared to the other cluster members ngc 1277 is comparatively compact. Image: david w. Hogg, michael blanton and the sdss collaboration

More and more massive black holes are discovered

Black holes fascinate astronomers as well as the general public. Spectacularly they are born from dying massive stars, and like vacuum cleaners they pull everything from the surroundings into their black maw. They are regions of space-time that devour everything that comes too close to them. Not even a single ray of light can escape them. What comes to the edge of the devouring monsters disappears never to be seen again beyond their event horizon.

Mobile workstations: thinkpads with intel tiger lake-h45 and fleets nvidia gpus

Mobile Workstations: Thinkpads with Intel Tiger Lake-H45 and Fleets Nvidia Gpus

Lenovo has explored the 2021 generation of mobile thinkpad workstations consisting of three notebooks: the p1 gen 4, p15 gen 2 and p17 gen 2. In all three seats mobilprocessors from intel’s tiger lake-h45 series, optional in the form of core i models or xeon cpus with up to eight cpu cores and 5.0 ghz turbo clock frequency.

Concrete processor names betrayed lenovo not yet, but the specifications speak for the core i9-11950h and xeon w-11955m. For this purpose, all 2021 thinkpads nvidias rtx a5000 joins 16 gb graphics memory – the professional execution of the geforce rtx 3080 with 6144 shader cores. The ram depending on the model up to 64 or 128 gb4-3200, optional with ecc error correction. Windows 10 (home or pro) or various linux distributions are on pci express-4.0-ssds preinstalled.

16: 10 format and 5g mobile

The thinkpad p1 gen 4 receive a 16-inch coarse ips display in 16: 10 format instead of a 15.6 inch 16: 9 screen. Extractive configurations set a touchscreen with 3840 × 2400 pixels, a maximum brightness of 600 cd / m² and a complete adobe rgb color space cover.

Spain’s thrifty middle class

Spain's thrifty middle class

Morfelden, 8. September 2009 – at seat, the impression sometimes arises that the spanish volkswagen subsidiary is being kept a little shorter than the group sisters. For example, no model with 1.Order 4 tsi and 125 ps in conjunction with the 7-speed dsg, a combination that enables pleasantly low fuel consumption with conventional means. And for the compact leon and altea there is only one cr diesel so far – of all things, the 2nd.0 tdi with 170 hp, which overwhelms the budget of many typical seat customers. After all, seat is showing three modern economy diesel engines at the iaa, which are technically on a par with the geschwis­tern from vw and audi. The new ecomotive versions from leon, altea and altes xl only need between 3.8 and 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. The ver­thank a start-stop system­system, electrical system recuperation and the new 1.6 tdi.

1.6 liter tdi

The 105 ps strong 1.6-liter common rail diesel finally loses the grumpy and lastly very tight-looking 1.9 from. It was allowed to have a considerable share in the significantly reduced consumption, quite apart from the fact that it naturally complies with euro 5 and will probably provide significantly more noise comfort. With emissions of 99 g / km co2 for the leon and 119 g / km for the altea and altea xl kombi, these vehicles are also among the most economical in their segment. Compared to the previous 1.9 tdi (pump nozzle) with 105 ps, seat achieved a reduction in emissions of 20 g / km.

Start-stop saves fuel

One of the most important innovations of the three new ecomotive models is the start-stop system, which enables significantly lower fuel consumption, especially in city traffic. When the driver stops in front of a red light, he engages neutral and takes his foot off the clutch – the engine then switches off. As soon as the clutch is operated again, the engine starts again and the journey can be continued.

Model for growth markets: renault symbol (thalia)

Model for growth markets: renault symbol (thalia)

Paris (france), 18. August 2008 – premiere is only on the moscow motor show (26. August to 7. September 2008), but in advance shows renault first pictures of a new stage retention model. Depending on the sales market, the french want to market the car either under the name symbol or thalia.

Front similar to the sandero

The symbol is about 25 centimeters long with 4.26 meters than the current clio iii. The high falls with 1.43 meters but some centimeters lower. The front with the black grill and the chrome strip between the luminaires pulled around the corners is reminiscent of the dacia sandero. Looking at the page, the coarse windows fall. The stern has the brand-typical horizontal kink in the sheet – but at unusual place, between the lights.

Chassis of clio ii

The symbol has the same cycle deposition as the clio ii, which continues to be in germany as a clio campus in germany. The car should be offered with different gasoline and diesel engines. With which, the german press department on demand has not yet announced. Also, the question of whether it is a clio ii with a stepheck remained unanswered. But to germany, the vehicle will not come. It should especially appeal to families in central and eastern europe, also providing customers in russia, turkey and the maghreb countries, this is especially the morocco, tunisia and algeria