If chicken are so smart, why do not eat us?

Animal welfare against Kentucky Fried Cruelty

Zinger is called in the chain of chain of chain Kentucky Fried Chicken a kind of hamburger, which consists of sharp-wasted cockpit fillet, dressing, salad leaf and a lab coarse wheat bread. This is, so to speak, the burial, which follows a short chicken life and serves only the purpose, last to be eaten. The chicken is prepared under prere in a fryer after a secret recipe with eleven crawls and spots. What the one finding a delicious, let the animal weaners stand the hair to mountains. Now they protest in the US against KFC.

The Organization PETA has been leading successful campaigns against animal skill for years. Purchasing companies publicly to the pillory is a means of using them only after years of negotiations. But KFC love in the opinion of animal lovers do not talk to themselves and in variation of their own logo of the chicken grillers is now the motto:

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The npd ban trial and its consequences

Rolf Gossner on the Reformability of Interception Protection

What are the consequences of the NPD prohibition proceedings?? 15 percent of the NPD’s executive board members worked for years as undercover agents for the Verfangsschutzbehorden. Their cover was only blown during the ban proceedings, and the trial collapsed. Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti spoke with intelligence expert and author Rolf Gossner about the consequences of the so far largest V-man affair in the Federal Republic of Germany.

How influential was and is the Verfangsschutz (VS) in the NPD??

Rolf Gossner: Hard to say. About 30 of the 200 NPD executive board members had been in the pay of the secret service as undercover agents for years – that is, almost one in seven, and there may have been over a hundred at all party levels. The large number of state-paid enemies of interception alone may have had a considerable influence on the extreme right-wing NPD. For example, the undercover agents Wolfgang Frenz and Udo Holtmann helped to build up the NPD for decades, directed it in leading positions and gave it a racist imprint. As informers, they themselves helped to shape the field of observation that they were supposed to observe from the inside for the VS; they strengthened the NPD instead of weakening it. A number of other undercover agents have also risen to leading party positions, in which they have inevitably had a decisive influence on the party’s goals and activities. These include Carsten Szczepanski, Michael Grube, Mathias Meyer and Tino Brandt. At the same time, the VS has not prevented them from continuing to spy for it – even though undercover agents do not make any decisions or "Object of observation" nor were they allowed to influence their objectives or activities "determine decisively", "have a controlling influence" or "demand in the long term". This is similar to what is stated in most of the VS service regulations. In a landmark decision, the Federal Administrative Court ruled on the observation of the "Republicans" require that when using undercover agents in a party, special consideration must be given to the party’s right to self-determination, so that the exchange of opinions within the party is not unsettled and the formation of opinion is not adversely affected.

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Cia secret prison in poland or romania?

Update: the EU now wants to investigate the suspicion after all

Yesterday, the Washington Post carried a report on the CIA’s secret camp system, in which alleged terror suspects are secretly held abroad, outside any legal system. The existence of such camps in Jordan, Afghanistan, Morocco or Egypt has been known for a long time (secret US camp in Jordan), as well as the practice of transferring some prisoners to friendly intelligence services for embarrassing interrogation (outsourcing of embarrassing interrogation). New, however, was the allegation that such secret camps also existed in two Eastern European countries.

Who is being held in these secret prisons is not known. The Washington Post spoke of about 100 detainees, of which 30 were high-ranking al-Qaida members. Among those held by the CIA in a secret location was Ramsi Binalshib, who was arrested in September 2002 and has since disappeared (like a bad detective story). The fact that he is being held by the U.S. is also proven by the fact that in the Hamburg trials against Motassadeq and Mzoudi (Mzoudi trial: acquittal confirmed by BGH), for example, reference was made to trial transcripts. Among others to guard the open secret, but Binalshib was not allowed to be questioned before the German court.

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Saudi arabia: catastrophic targeting mistakes in yemen

saudi arabia: catastrophic targeting mistakes in yemen

Archive photo: Saudi F-15Cs. Photo: Saudi88hawk/CC BY-SA 4.0

An air strike massacres prisoners of the Hadi government, for which the kingdom is fighting. Emirates thwart attack to regain control in Aden. They are also charting their own course in Syria

The recipient of crude weapons shipments from Western arms companies-Saudi Arabia-illustrated anew yesterday, Sunday, how weapons of war are put to use. The coalition led by the Kingdom bombed a prison. According to recent reports, 130 people died. "Seeing this tremendous damage, the bodies among the trumpets, was a real shock", Franz Rauchenstein, head of the Red Cross delegation in Yemen, who visited the attack site in Dhamar, is quoted as saying.

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Npd demonstration banned in schwerin

Much more interesting than the G8 summit are the preparations as an indicator of political culture – including the "secret police plans", which the Bild newspaper betrayed

So far, at least, the fuss surrounding the G8 summit has been much more interesting than the meeting of the heads of government, which threatens to be exciting at best in terms of how the many conflicts and differences will play out. The preparations for the G8 summit are interesting as an indicator of the political culture in this country – in front of and behind the security fence.

The railroad also participates in the G8 summit. It does not transport bicycles in the direction of Heiligendamm, but it does act as an informer. As it turned out, train conductors have been instructed to report coarse groups of travelers heading for the G8 summit: "Since the globalization-critical scene is not necessarily identifiable as such", the train crew has been committed, "on an ad hoc basis, advance notification of coarser travel groups heading for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (z.B. Rostock) to internal bodies". "Potential danger" be through "police and. to counteract operational measures early and consistently".

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The war from within

By the time the whole war business is over with, it won’t be just Iraq that will have suffered major damage

Thanks to a very narrow-minded view of world affairs, the Bush administration hasn’t seen — or refuses to see — the enormous amount of political and economic damage it’s causing on itself and its so-called allies. One just has to look at the performance of the stock market over the past few months to realize that the war Bush and company wish to launch might end up costing them more than what they will eventually get out of it.

Meanwhile, in Hungary, one of America’s so-called allies, the fallout from all the saber rattling has been apparent. As elsewhere, the stock market is down and the economy is on a steady downward slide. Yet unlike the US, most of the damage is political. Support for the US has put the government constantly on the defensive, while a lethargic public is slowly showing some signs of life, and is poised to challenge the authorities head on.

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Turkey: irritant word peace

Bombing in response to PKK unilateral ceasefire

According to the Turkish Medical Association, the bombing of a peace demonstration organized by trade unions in Ankara early Saturday morning claimed 97 lives. Around 400 people are injured, some of them so seriously that they are fighting for their lives in intensive care. Talking about the assassination with the highest number of dead in the history of Turkey.

Meanwhile, lists with the names of the dead known so far have been published. The victims all belonged to the pro-Kurdish HDP (Democratic People’s Party) and other leftist organizations. Among the dead are z.B. Kubra Meltem Mollaoglu, HDP candidate in Istanbul for the parliamentary elections on 1 January. November 2015. At least one of the dead was holding a cardboard sign with the inscription "Peace now" in hand.

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European parliament votes against uncontrolled cross-border forfeiture

With agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, Europe moves a step closer to Big Brother.

The European Parliament voted on Thursday to delete an article on the abduction of persons in another member state without its technical support. The article is part of a draft agreement on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters between the member states of the European Union. A majority, however, voted in favor of cross-border interceptions, which are carried out with the consent and support of the member state concerned.

Antonio Di Pietro (Italy, Group of European Liberals, Democrats and Reformists) had requested the deletion of the controversial article. According to Di Pietro "this article puts us in a legal minefield, with some member states wanting to conduct fully independent investigations in other member states, in the interest of their national security (and through the use of secret agents)?), thereby avoiding the time-consuming task of obtaining the consent of the legal authorities of the other country." This could, according to Di Pietro, "to legalize the activities of the secret services, which take place in a gray area" led. (see also: Cross-border interception leads into legal minefield)

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Secret shredder in hanover

The practice of illegal postal surveillance in the 1950s in Germany

The stone of the attack, that was the "Communications of the Berlin Pedagogical Cabinet", an institution for the further education of teachers. Martin Deckart, a retired teacher from Bad Tolz, was pleased to read the following. But this was not possible because the local court had confiscated the notebooks. The reason: It was not "factual, pedagogical journals", but the content was "clearly inflammatory in the sense of Soviet SED policy".

Criminal proceedings were also instituted against the student councilor, but later dropped again. The year is 1955, and postal censorship by the authorities is as illegal as it is widespread. That the topic of surveillance "is no longer a unique feature of the GDR", but also in the Federal Republic of Germany was operated flatly and unlawfully, that is the core statement of the historian Josef Foschepoth from the University of Freiburg in his new book: uberwachtes Deutschland (Surveillance in Germany). Postal and telephone surveillance in the old Federal Republic of Germany."

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According to russian intelligence, forest fires in southern europe are al-qaida attacks

Intelligence agencies and terrorists cultivate conspiracy theories and mutually believe in the power of their respective opponents

In May, the last online magazine of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was published ("They have the drones, we have Sharia law"). As always, the open source jihad was preached there, i.e. people in the western countries were called upon to fight the unbelievers through terrorist attacks that cost the lives of as many people as possible or cause as much damage as possible. As an example, it was suggested that arson in forests, when it is dry and the wind is blowing properly, is a good idea to cause as much damage as possible. In the end, all it took was a cigarette.

forest fires in southern europe alleged to be al-qaeda attacks, according to russian intelligence agency

From Inspire magazine

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