Intel publishes details about the new management engine csme 15.0

Intel publishes details about the new management Engine CSME 15.0

All intel processors or the associated chipsets contain a so-called management engine (me), the intel now called converged security and management engine (csme). The youngest version csme 15.0 debuted into the current mobile processors "tiger lake" the eleventh core i generation.

In the 30-page "csme security whitepaper" intel now completes many functions of csme and the innovations of version 15.0, which, among other things, improves protection against attacks and manipulations. Accordingly, some security algorithms have been strengthened to complicate the reproduction with art quantum computers (post-quantum cryptography, pqc). This concerns about aes (now 256-bit), rsa key (3072 bits), elliptic curve cryptography (ecc-384) and sha-2 digigas (also 384 bits).

Odca instead of epid

Intel has also built new features to react reliably with firmware updates to essential cryptographic signatures and certificates on essential cryptographic signatures and certificates. Among other things, intel replaces the enhanced privacy id (epid) used to be previously used in the csme by on-certificate authority (odca). With the help of the odca, after a firmware update, the csme can generate new security certificates for internal firmware functions without establishing a server connection.

Future of work: “much suggests a conflicting time”

Future of work:'vieles deutet auf eine konfliktreiche zeit hin''vieles deutet auf eine konfliktreiche zeit hin'

The prosperity in germany is high as never, but he is always distributing unevenly. There was never more work, but also never bad jobs. People and robots compete for work and the labor market in germany seems to ame the offspring. On the international parquet is made with criminal targets and increasingly with sanctions economic and world politics.

"The handling of the economies becomes rougher, the methods of rebate", says the sociologist sabine pfeiffer. She is a professor at the university of erlangen-nurnberg with the research focus technique, work, society. Pfeiffer predicts a conflict-rich future, co-duster through the ocological disaster, the resources such as water make the most important.

More and less workfores are more and more robots are opposite. What’s just scarce: the work because they make smart machines or the workforce because it lacks the offspring?

Driving report vw amarok 3.0 tdi v6 4motion

Driving report vw amarok 3.0 tdi v6 4motion

By september 2016, the amarok had to get along with two liters of coarse diesel engines in different power levels. Similarly compact pick-ups like mitsubishi l200 (test), nissan navara or ford ranger, the vw had a displacement disadvantage above all. Today he overflow the four-cylinder of predominantly japanese competition with v6 leaflet, on request also with performance. We tried the peak motorization in volkswagen small truck.

Since april 2018, the amarok is in a variant with 258 hp and with 580 nm, in the boost mode even briefly 272 hp and 600 nm obviously. Only daimler offers comparable motorization in its mercedes x-class based on the nissan navara mercedes x-class since july 2018. The three-liter v6 diesel of the mercedes x350d (test) offers 258 hp and 550 nm.

Acceleration: absurd

The vw amarok 3.0 tdi 4motion thus accelerates itself from low speeds not only souveran but with about 7.5 seconds to 100 km / h precisely absurd for a commercial vehicle. Volkswagen has coincided volkswagen the eight-speed automation, whose first course is briefly designed for start-up in the ride, on the mountain or with a hanger stressed. The standard consumption is indicated at 8.3 liters, on our rides the flatbed wagon without charge about ten liters of diesel fuel. With full 80-liter tank, a range of around 800 kilometers remains. The urea tank for the exhaust embroidery holds 13 liters. Little, because a consumption of about one and a half to three liters at 1000 km can be subdued at normal use.

The military-entertainment complex

Military technology for the fashion industry and reality tv from the front line

On 29. Marz debuted "american fighter pilot" on u.S. Television, a weekly reality tv series straight from the front lines. Thus, the merger of the military, high-tech and entertainment industries in the ongoing war on terror takes on new dimensions.

The military-entertainment complex

Mabustomized advancement of interpersonal interaction (graphic: soldier system center, natick)

Flexible circuits from the printing press

Printing transistors instead of etching them is not a completely new idea. Researchers now show that the process also enables new, flexible material combinations and takes integration on chips a step forward

The 80-kilometer strip between san francisco and san jose, known as the birthplace of the modern electronics industry, is called silicon valley – but if the industry had to make do with silicon alone, there would probably be no cell phones or fiber optic networks today. Silicon is the most important semiconductor used in electronics, but it is not the only one.

3d circuit structure of heterogeneous materials bent around a glass cylinder

Geneva: morgan shows the electric roadster plus e

Geneva: morgan shows the electric roadster plus e

Geneva, 7. Mar 2012 – the tesla roadster is defunct and the electric car hype is taking a pause – never mind, electric sports cars will continue to have their appeal, perhaps even more so. Morgan, for example, is presenting an electrified version of its classic plus roadster in geneva. The fun gearbox is particularly original, because it’s not really needed. But it doesn’t hurt either: "we wanted to know how much fun you could have in an electric sports car, so we built one without further ado to find out", says morgan’s chief technology officer steve morris. "The plus e combines traditional looks with high-tech construction and a drivetrain that delivers plenty of torque spontaneously at any speed."

Zero speed

The plus e is based on a slightly modified morgan platform. In terms of appearance, it resembles the bmw v8-powered plus 8, which will also be shown in geneva. Instead of a v8, the "e" is powered by a zytek electric motor that produces a harmless 70 kw (95 hp) but delivers a rich 300 nm of torque to the transmission. The plus e weighs "dry" (mean those without power?) 1250 kilograms, accelerates to 100 km in six seconds. In addition, the technical data show a range of 193 kilometers and co2 emissions of 0.0 g "at tailpipe" from.

The sube middle

But why did the brits install a fun gearbox in the first place?? Zytek chief executive neil heslington comments: "a multi-speed transmission allows the electric motor to run more often in its sweet spot. Less energy is needed, especially at high speeds." in addition, the short gear ratio in the lower gears makes driving more fun for sporty drivers. Two or at best three gears are currently being discussed among developers as a sensible solution for an electric car, because the torque behavior of an electric motor does not require more gears. But in the morgan plus e, the "conventional" the conventional funfgang gearbox was probably also installed because it is there and can be easily accommodated in the transmission tunnel together with the electric motor. The clutch was also kept, with an unusual side effect: you need it for shifting, but not for starting, the electric motor doesn’t care.

Driving report: volvo s40 1.6d drive with new start – stop system

Driving report: volvo s40 1.6d drive with new start - stop system

Stockholm (sweden), 30. June 2009 – for some time now volvo rides on the green wave and offers under the label "drive" summit savings versions of different models. The drive versions of c30, s40 and v50 have now donated the sweden a start-stop automatic, which should continue to play the thirst of the vehicles. For the mid-range sedan s40, sweden promise such average consumption of 3.9 liters and a co2 outskout of 104 grams per kilometer. We were able to try in sweden, as sparingly the new technology is actually.

Improved aerodynamics

From aufen the s40 drive start / stop can be seen in some subtle changes. In favor of a better aerodynamics, the body was slightly lower, add-on spoilers on front and rear and a boiler grill cover should minimize the air resistance. Serial mabig has the s40 drive tire with lower rolling resistance, optionally conservationally aerodynamically optimized alloy wheels.

0.6 liters less than without start / stop

Further measures, which are intended to face low consumption, are amendments on engine management, a changed gearbox and the use of lightweight. By using the start-stop automatic, volvos lets you reduce fuel consumption in the case of our s40 by around 0.6 liters of diesel to 100 kilometers. The system works similarly to the competition: if the vehicle comes to standing and the driver puts the idle and domes the engine, the engine automatically turns off. If the clutch pedal occurs afterwards, the engine starts again.

Biology and art

Biology and art

Eduardo kac, gfp bunny, 2000, transgenic artwork. Alba, the fluorescent rabbit.

Artificial haute, living artworks and biohacking for burgers

In the age of biotechnologies, the boundaries between the natural and the artificial are shifting; technological achievements continuously and persistently offer new possibilities for genetically manipulating living beings and designing them according to human ideas. In this context, it is interesting to take a look at what trends there are in contemporary art on the subject of biotechnology and how artists make use of life-science technologies for themselves. Last but not least, there are also efforts to make life-science methods in the form of a "do-it-yourself" biology for citizens to experience and use.

Google and fiat chrysler: cooperation on autonomous cars

It’s official: fiat chrysler will be the first major automaker to test google’s technology for self-driving cars. As a first step, the companies will jointly install google technology in about 100 hybrid-powered cars based on chrysler’s pacifica minivan. Google will integrate the necessary sensors and computers, and chrysler engineers will adapt the vehicles to them, it was announced tuesday in new york.

Google has long been on the lookout for partners in the auto industry who could use its technology, developed over the past seven years, for self-driving vehicles. Talks with general motors broke down last year over differences about data use, the financial service reported bloomberg. At the turn of the year, there was speculation about a collaboration with ford, but the company instead announced it would step up development of its own technology.

While no partner appeared to be in sight, google executives consistently stressed that the internet company did not want to become a carmaker itself, and expressed confidence that there would eventually be collaborations. Fiat chrysler has been considered a likely google partner for some time, because the company is not as far along with the development of its own technology for autonomous driving as other major players.

Driving report: exercised kia cee’d with new diesel

Driving report: exercised kia cee'd with new diesel

Vienna (austria), 7. September 2009 – from the 18th. September the kia cee’d of the model year 2010 rolls to the handlers., the koreans have worked all three variants of their compact series: at funfurigen cee’d and the station wagon called sporty wagon, changes are already clearly visible from suburb. Also below the sheet has changed a lot: there is now a new 1.6-liter diesel engine with 115 hp and a new six-speed gearbox. Furthermore, the engineers have handled the suspension. The threesorous pro_cee’d, who has been since the end of 2007 and thus the youngest cee’d sprouting is retained his previous exercise, but also has the new technique and a mandated interior on board. We have the funfturer with the new self-cord 1.6 crdi 115 viewed.

New nose with wide trapezoid

At first glance, the lifted kia’s self-confident is therefore. Unmistakable feature is the current kia face. We already know this broad trapeze grill from magentis and smaller form of soul. Soon he will also wear the sorento. The retouching stands the cee’d well, a also overworked stobbar stresses the facial allowance. Projection headlights and square fog lamps are modern and give the redesigned front of the compact the pillow on "i".

Tail lights in led optics

Compared to the process, the funftural cee’d was 25 millimeters long. The increase is due to a plus of 20 millimeters on the front-paced, back come back 5 millimeters. At the jaw, new tail lights in led optics fall into the eye. In addition, the lamps are now pulled downwards and were adapted to the also lower stobbar. In the side view, above all, the deeper set and indicated with turn signals dub mirror furs eye is noticeable.