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The vulture of bankruptcy is also circling over spain

With austerity measures and pension cuts, Madrid is trying to rid itself of the suspicion that it poses an even greater threat to the euro than Greece, as some fear

Many renowned analysts believe that Spain is also a candidate for bankruptcy. Some even say that the real crisis potential for the euro is to be found on the Iberian peninsula. According to the British Financial Times, "a potentially much more serious drama is brewing in Spain" than Greece, which is now obviously being bailed out. Madrid is now trying to win back confidence with diplomatic initiatives, austerity plans and a planned increase in the retirement age. But slowly but surely, even in Spain, the pro-government unions are getting fed up with the idea that, in the face of record unemployment, ordinary people should be asked to pay for the crisis.

Spain is proud of the fact that the population of endangered vultures has recovered in recent years. Are these the vultures of bankruptcy that circle over a country in large numbers?? In any case, fears are growing louder that Spain, with its severe economic crisis, is becoming a test case for the euro, which even has the potential to break up the common currency area. Greece, at best, in tow with a crashing Spain, poses a real threat to the community’s security.

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Soy, oats and lupine: success story with obstacles

Soy, oats and lupine: success story with obstacles

Maybe a schnitzel: lupines are protein panels, which are grown among other things in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.Photo: _alicja_ on Pixabay (Public Domain)

The German fiscal policy is currently still transforming against the trend to consume less animal products – even why plant milk is more expensive than cow’s milk

There is plenty of reason why people grab vegetable milk kit drinks. Not all who do that, renew them completely vegan. Some only want to reduce the consumption of animal products because, for example, plant milk in okobilance cuts out better than cow’s milk. In the production of herbal drinks, significantly less climate-damaging carbon dioxide is emitted. The cultures from regional cultivation – all the better for okobilance. In addition, oatmeal, spelled, almond and hirsedrinks are equally well suited for cooking as baking. And because in the production of cereals are converted into sugar, the "Grain milk" slightly. Your subbe is – as well as the rice milk – ideal for Musi.

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“The world around us does not sleep” – but we …

With our unspoken understanding, the political class acts self-determined, changing orders and continuous. They avoid the challenges where they can only

Incredible. It must have gone in Parliament for fundamental switchings for our country that the FAZ had to report this species: "The Bundestag debate was arranged by an unfamiliar drama. After an unexpected direct impact exchange between Labor Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) and SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel, the meeting was interrupted for about three quarters of an hour." When it comes to it, at least the introduction of a completely novel education system that has been debated radical paying of the financial economy or the abolition of capitalism. or?

Let’s look at. Currently, message goes to a message that can be used as success reports: it increases the number of acquisitions, it decreases the number of unemployed, it decreases the number of sub-groups and the silent reserve, numerous industries report growth and full order bookers. To despite all seriousness for Germany, a economic improvement raises, as little their lifetime is also foreseeable.

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