Exoplanets: unrecognized milestones

Exoplanets: unrecognized milestones

Artistic representation of Kepler-186f. Image: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech

The moon journeys proved that living beings are able to leave their world and to reach other heavenly bodies

It is difficult to decide which is more astonishing: the sensational results of the space research or the restrained echo in the public. So far astronomers have discovered over 1800 alien worlds. They are called exoplanets or extrasolar stellar companions. These are planetary stars like the Earth, but orbiting other suns. Almost weekly there are more. The consequence of the results is obviously misjudged. Otherwise the milestones of the research had to cause quite a stir.

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Howto mietpreisbremse

Howto mietpreisbremse

Map of Berlin’s residential areas (supplemented by my district). Image: urban development.berlin.en

How do I lower my rent from 530 euros to 437 euros?? A guide using the example of a normal Berlin rental apartment

Since 2009, movements such as the Recht-Auf-Stadt-Bundnis (Right to a City) in Hamburg have emerged nationwide, mobilizing in a variety of protest actions against segregation in cities and against urban development policies that are made over the heads of the inhabitants and put prestige projects above the needs of the majority of the population.

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Trump announces new sanctions against iran

Trump announces new sanctions against iran

Strait of Hormuz. Image: Nasa

Economic war intensifies, Iran’s response yet to come. Saudi Arabia joins U.S. naval mission in Persian Gulf

U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered his Treasury Secretary to lift sanctions on Iran "to be substantially strengthened", as he made known via Twitter with exclamation marks. The world public still has to wait for details.

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According to russian intelligence, forest fires in southern europe are al-qaida attacks

Intelligence agencies and terrorists cultivate conspiracy theories and mutually believe in the power of their respective opponents

In May, the last online magazine of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was published ("They have the drones, we have Sharia law"). As always, the open source jihad was preached there, i.e. people in the western countries were called upon to fight the unbelievers through terrorist attacks that cost the lives of as many people as possible or cause as much damage as possible. As an example, it was suggested that arson in forests, when it is dry and the wind is blowing properly, is a good idea to cause as much damage as possible. In the end, all it took was a cigarette.

forest fires in southern europe alleged to be al-qaeda attacks, according to russian intelligence agency

From Inspire magazine

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Boredom on the rise among american teens

Boredom on the rise among american youth

Image: pixfuel.com

At the same time, mental health problems increase and young people spend more time alone

Anyone who grew up as a child in a time when television was not yet widespread and there was only one program anyway, or when the telephone only gradually penetrated homes, has experienced that when you were away from home, you were usually also unreachable, but also times of countless boredom. Even if you were hanging out with friends but couldn’t do anything with each other.

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Reorientation in moscow?

Reorientation in Moscow?

Konstantin Kosachov and Veronika Credit entity in the Moscow museum for newer Russian history. Image: Moscow museum for newer Russian history

Veronika Krashinikowa, leading member of the ruling party "Some Russia", Criticizes contacts to AfD and Front National

In the museum for newer Russian history at the Terskaya Strain, not far from the Kremlin, there was on 1. November an event that did not fit into the walk Russia picture. Veronika Krashinikowa, Head of the Department of Affordable Political Party Politics "Some Russia", Theses presented to the right populists in the European Union, which had it.

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Switchable thermal insulation

switchable thermal insulation

Plus energy wall. Graphic: I[n]solation UG

A Bielefeld company has developed a technology that combines insulation and solar energy use

The insulation of houses is a promising method to save energy, but often leads to problems with the current state of standard technology (cf. Slowly dam the dammer). However, there are also companies that do not stop at the production of polystyrene boards, but develop dam technology further and "intelligent" want to make. One of these companies is the Bielefeld-based I[n]solation UG.

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Muslims threaten german video culture

YouTube and Co. – our weekly Telepolis video review

One thing we want to make clear right at the beginning today; and that is exactly this. That simply had to be said. And now a quick tip for the gentlemen and ladies of the PI blog, who in their fight for the purity of German culture like to confuse politically incorrect with politically underexposed. And that’s why you should quickly visit YouTube, click on "German" as the language, and then watch the video hits of the German-language section. The hit parades offered there are dominated by such typically German videos as "Ezo Gelin 26", "Ezo Gelin 26" and "Ezo Gelin 26". Bolum 4 / 8", "4Yuz 4 Yuz – Kiz Kiza (En iyi Kalite)" or "Avrupa Yakas? 126. Bolum 7 / 10". In short, the good German YouTube video is actually in danger of dying out! And not even the latest Nessie video could place there.

Nessie caught on tape

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