If chicken are so smart, why do not eat us?

Animal welfare against Kentucky Fried Cruelty

Zinger is called in the chain of chain of chain Kentucky Fried Chicken a kind of hamburger, which consists of sharp-wasted cockpit fillet, dressing, salad leaf and a lab coarse wheat bread. This is, so to speak, the burial, which follows a short chicken life and serves only the purpose, last to be eaten. The chicken is prepared under prere in a fryer after a secret recipe with eleven crawls and spots. What the one finding a delicious, let the animal weaners stand the hair to mountains. Now they protest in the US against KFC.

The Organization PETA has been leading successful campaigns against animal skill for years. Purchasing companies publicly to the pillory is a means of using them only after years of negotiations. But KFC love in the opinion of animal lovers do not talk to themselves and in variation of their own logo of the chicken grillers is now the motto:

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Ultimatum to poland and hungary

ultimatum to poland and hungary

Viktor Orban during a video conference on 2.12. Image: EU

The EU wants above all to "Reconstruction Fund" get free and get going with fund money without both states if necessary

In the EU Commission, some people are obviously bursting at the seams in view of the blockade attitude of Hungary and Poland. Both countries, with their announced veto of the 2021-2021 EU budget, are also blocking the associated "Reconstruction Fund". Because they are against linking the disbursement of funds to compliance with the rule of law, although they have largely been able to water that down anyway.

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Non-fiction book of the month: may 2018

non-fiction book of the month: may 2018

The top ten non-fiction books along with a personal recommendation

Presented every month by Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Literarische Welt, ORF-Radio osterreich 1 and Telepolis.

Isolde Charim

Me and the Others
How the new pluralization is changing us all

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Cream on a mountain bloden stuff

Digitization makes filmmaking cheaper for amateurs, the Internet gives them an audience, and even Oscar nominations come out of it

"405" is more of a manifesto than a film: almost three million people have seen it, but neither in the cinema nor on television. You can see the emergency landing of a jumbo jet on the Los Angeles Highway 405. A single motorist has overheard the warnings on the radio and is happy about the empty road – until he looks in the rearview mirror. An action scene a la "Speed" begins. The production of the three-minute spectacle cost nothing, but weekends and nights of the two creators, a lot of computer time and 300 dollars. Of course, the film can be seen for free – on the internet.

A negation of all the principles of filmmaking: no crew, hardly any money, no production company and no distributor. Jeremy Hunt and Bruce Branit did all this themselves. Although they emphasize that their principle can only be applied to a limited extent to longer and non-computer-animated productions, it is generally true today: "Technology makes the professionalism of films a matter of time and talent rather than budget."

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Laser weapon aboard plane successfully destroys missile

laser weapon successfully destroys a missile on board an aircraft

the Boeing 747-400 equipped with a laser. Image: MDA

The Missile Defense Agency speaks of a revolution

The Pentagon has been developing laser weapons for years. Now the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) reports success with a chemical laser weapon installed on a Boeing 747 aircraft. The Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB) has succeeded in destroying a short-range ballistic missile shortly after launch. Such tests with the weapon system, which has been in development since the 1990s, were originally planned for 2003 (laser weapon against long-range missiles). The idea itself goes back to the Strategic Defense Initiative launched by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

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How strongly does the U.S. support Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood??

One might wonder how the U.S. government is reacting to the events in Egypt. David Ignatius describes as strangely restrained the comments from Washington on Mursi’s concentration of power and the demonstrations, which are about values that Obama has always upheld.

Officially, the USA and the Muslim Brotherhood keep their distance. On the occasion of the wave of anger in front of U.S. embassies in early September, U.S. President Obama declared that U.S.-Agyptian relations in "ongoing work" are: "I would not consider them as allies, but also not as an enemy. They are a new government that is seeking its own way." With "" apparently meant the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Californian law against outsourcing abroad

New protectionism for the preservation of prosperity in times of globalization

In California, public presentation should only be awarded more companies that are committed to accessing staff within the United States. A corresponding template has approved the Californian Senate, the lower house must only agree with some of the Senate’s requested changes. Then it is at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to sign or insert a Veto.

Outsourcing has not been spaded since the end of the subsistence twist no more novel phanomena. The so-called offshoring, in which certain work is outsourced in Lander’s Lower Lower Level, was everyday in the industrial age – as long as simple, poorly paid activities were affected. Now, wherever more and more tasks are done with higher qualifications such as specialized call center services or software programming in emerging markers, new resistance stimulates. Certain society layers are for the first time threatened by offshoring and call for prohibitions.

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“You see, we should talk more with each other”

The conversation between Sahra Wagenknecht and Frauke Petry: misunderstandings outweigh

In the Weimar Republic, the Communists and the Nazis were not only enemies. Again and again there were physical confrontations. But there was a practice that is hardly imaginable today. Communists and Nazis argued against each other in meetings, each side had its powerful members and sympathizers with them, and after the battle of the arguments, there was often a battle in the hall.

Frauke Petry ; Sahra Wagenknecht . License: CC-BY-SA-3.0

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Nord stream 2: us ambassador grenell warns german companies

Nord Stream 2: US Ambassador Grenell warns German companies

Richard Grenell. Image: Dod

"Clear message of US policy": The commitment is with one "significant sanction risk" tied together

The US Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell sets as, today, for example, the Tagesschau is reported, German companies involved in the gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2, "apparently always stronger" negative prere. Grenell should have communicated companies by mail that they deal with their commitment to the Russian Energy Export Sector "participate in something that is associated with a significant sanction risk".

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Drone mishap turns bizarre

U.S. defense contractor Northrop Grumman says all of its Hawk drones had anti-collision systems, but the Euro Hawk’s had been tested for "express desire" of the client none has been installed

Allegedly, the German Armed Forces’ Euro Hawk project had to be "Reibleine" are being pulled out because drones made by U.S. aerospace company Northrop Grumman have been denied access to civilian airspace due to a lack of an anti-collision system. The situation with the European Global Hawk project could be similar, it is amed, which would drive the costs even higher.

A Global Hawk. Image: USAF

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