Starter kits for usb keyboard controller

Starter Kits for USB Keyboard Controller

The approximately 34 euros expensive kit kw100eval (left in the picture) is an 8 × 8 cm coarse breakout board for the keywarrior100 with mini usb socket, 8 status leds and a rgb led. All signals for connecting self-made matrix keyboards are guided on double-row pads in the 2.54 mm raster. 40 lines are reserved for the key matrix (24 lines × 16 columns), thus can be queried up to 384 keys.

There are still 16 universal i / os, analogue input to the simulation of a mouse over potentiometer, transducer or analog joysticks and even pwm and dac expansion for the output of quasi-analog voltages. The rgb led is connected to the pwm outputs, which can be separated from printed circuit board jumper when the signals are to be used otherwise. Since the kw100 logs in as a normal human interface device (hid) on the computer, no driver is needed to control; libraries for popular programming languages (c, delphi) are available for download. For the configuration, code mercenaries offers a free tool with which all settings and keyboard data can be customized.

Available soon is the kw28eval, with the smaller keyboards (for example, for arcade machines) can be realized. Conveniently, 20 cherry-mx buttons can be selected directly on the board. The usb chip keywarrior 28 supports matrix keyboards in the grid 8 × 8, which allows keyboards with up to 64 buttons. As with the kw100, you can define keyboard macros that play a key sequence when they are pressed. The chip is already available on a compact breakout board (17.50 euros), the board with the cherry buttons is in preparation.

Help apps better: security workshop for ios developers: inside

Help apps better: Security workshop for iOS developers: inside

Apps enjoy gross popularity – not only for iphone users: inside, but also under attackers. A two-day, online security workshop from mac i leads ios developers: therefore in the increasingly important topic information security in apps. On the basis of concrete case studies, the attack vectors of hackers are elected and and how they can be prevented.

Creation of an app security concept

The knowledge of frequent ios weaknesses and the process of gearing checklists around safety points is usually not sufficient: therefore, the program of the security workshop is therefore a lot of practical providers. This is followed by a structured approach to the creation of an application security concept as well as the secure software development lifecycle (ssdl) – with hands-on-deepening the ssdl-related activities – and agile development security best practices.

The workshop blows how the protection needs of apps determine and define appropriate protection objectives and finally implement. In addition, the presentation of the building security in maturity models (bsimm) and become acquainted with the most important and effective activities. Likewise, a design and feature review in terms of security on the program as well as the topics code-review with the possibilities and limits to automation and qa tests relating to safety.

Piracy of attention?

Playboy sues search engines

Search engines are still the most important portals into the cyberspace and therefore expensive virtual places. Because they are visited by many people, it is worthwhile to place advertisements on them. However, it is even more attractive when a provider who wants to attract visitors is at the top of the list when certain search terms are entered. Some search engines like gotobieten first places for money. But there are more problems, because in the highly competitive world of attention there is also the protection of brand names. Prominent brand names naturally attract others who want to share in the attention and use it for their own benefit. And there are now two interesting lawsuits that could influence or even disrupt the business of search engines.

For example, if you enter the brand name playboy on excite or netscaspe, the url of the magazine appears at the top of the list, but the advertising banner of a pornographic provider also appears above the list. Last week, playboy filed a lawsuit against both portals for their "unauthorized use" to prevent playboy’s brand name from being used to sell banner advertising to other providers. This is damaging to business and unfair competition and violates the protection of the brand name. According to the plaintiff, this linking of the brand name with advertising for a pornographic site is a case of hijacking "hijacking" of playboy’s reputation. In addition, the lawsuit is about the fact that besides the search results for sites related to playboy or playmate, there are also links to other pornographic sites that allegedly advertise on the two portals.

Internet of things: one year free connectivity with sim cards from 1nce

Internet of Things: One year free connectivity with SIM cards from 1nce

The german iot provider 1nce expands his portfolio around a sim card for cloud-based iot projects, which offers a year free connectivity. With the offer, the company wants to lower the entry boards for iot projects, 1nce said. The free "1nce for all"-tariff is exclusive in amazon’s aws marketplace obvious. Developers receive mobile connectivity for free, without risk or other contractual obligations when booking one or more cards, without risk or other contractual obligations, promises the provider.

The free iot sim card is on the two-month months and offers 50 mb data volume. Each customer can order up to 100 cards. The cards run after a year and do not constitute themselves automatically. Users can then switch to the regular flatrate of 1nce for 10 us dollars per card, which offers ten years connectivity with 500 mb data volume and 250 sms. Development, activation and operation the advanced with the sim cards takes place via the iot connectivity suite for aws, which has introduced 1nce in summer.

Internationally networked

By working with network operators around the world, 1nce offers a mobile phone connection for iot devices with 2g, 3g, lte, lte-m and nb iot without additional costs for roaming. In this country, the cards also spark in the network of deutsche telekom, which is involved in 1nce. The provider operates according to own information more than funft million active sim cards for over 3500 customers. Since april, 1nce offers its iot flat rate also in the aws marketplace.

Study: china has a lot of work in environmental and climate protection

Study: China has a lot of work in environmental and climate protection

China has a long way in the implementation of its environmental and climate goals, according to a new analysis. Although china’s own "green goals", which it had set in his youngest five-year plan in 2016, already fulfilled or stand in front of it. Nevertheless, for the people’s republic in terms of sustainability, only one "mixed track record", in a work of scientists of the china institute merics in berlin, it is called in a different analysis of scientists.

Still too many dirty energy sources

The people’s republic is the country with the world’s largest greenhouse gas outstob. Although china adding year more capacities to renewable energies than any other nation, the country is still too much of the country "dirty" energy sources depending on the merics experts anna holzmann and nis grunberg.

Alone in the first half of 2020 in china, nearly 20 gigawatts (gw) would have been added to coal power capacity and another 48 gw has been approved at coal-fired power plants. This is more than all coal power in germany together. The authors also stood that a system actually planned for the past year was postponed to trading emission rights. In addition, beijing in chinese investments in carbon-intensive projects abroad yet no strict limits.

Cuba transfer

The detention conditions for taliban and al-qaeda fighters in cuba are criticized by human rights organizations, pictures just released by the pentagon love the criticism even louder

Guantanamo bay has a climate similar to san diego/california with regular temperatures around 26 to 32 degrees celsius. Whether this is a reason to rejoice for the captured taliban and al-qaida fighters now being shipped by the pentagon to the u.S. Navy base in cuba must be doubted. According to the motto "tui – you have earned it" the global prisoner transport with subsequent vacation stay in the caribbean does not expire. But what will become of this bizarre mission is unclear anyway, as the pentagon has not revealed any plans for what will happen to the 363 taliban and al-qaida fighters currently held in cuba in the future. 1.000 u.S. Soldiers have arrived in cuba to provide tighter security for capacities of up to 2.000 inmates to meet.

Cuba transfer

Prisoner in camp x-ray at naval base guantanamo bay. Photos from the pentagon

Wild virtual west

On the internet, myths and source-based historical accounts can form fruitful alliances

In many comments on the terrorist attacks of 11. September, it was noted positively that the u.S. Had not reacted blindly in wild west fashion. In other respects, however, there are parallels to the "wild west". This is illustrated particularly dramatically by the general george a. Custer home page, which greets visitors with the words "we will never forget" and a photograph of the ruins of the world trade center.

Custer’s name is associated with the memory of the most sensitive defeat of the u.S. Army in the war against the native americans. A complete regiment under his command was killed on 25. July 1876 killed by outnumbered sioux at the battle of little bighorn.

Hands-on: sony sal-500f40g

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Simple chick. Auben can be the inner values of sonys 13.000 euro expensive sal-500f40g only guess.

Unpacked. The sony sal-500f40g comes in a solid aluminum case. The scope of supply is a sun visor (alc-sh118), which recalls the actual optics again by 16 centimeters on a total of impressive 51 centimeters. Almost every visitor of our buros frozen before this sight. Also to impress the weight of the woman: at the latest, if you try to keep the approximately four and a half kilos at the attached camera, while focusing on hand. Even in the autofocus operation, the optics are just a short period of time. Therefore, a stable tripod with an equally robust ball head is obligatory.

Sony sal-500f40g

Hands-on: Sony Sal-500F40G

Spitzmouth rhino

sony dslr-a900 with sal-500f40g, 500 mm, f / 4.0, 1/200 s, iso 400, tripod. Since the rhino moved in his enclosure only in a narrow terrain, it was difficult to split it in front of a homogeneous background.

Ferrari open topics park in abu dhabi

Ferrari open topics park in abu dhabi

Yas island, abu dhabi (united arab emirates), 7. November 2007 – on yas island in the arab emirate abu dhabi, ferrari today gave the official starting signal to the construction of the world’s first ferrari-themed park today with the foundation stone. Present were numerous official and guests of honor from all over the world, among them ferrari-prasident luca di montezemolo and ahmed ali al sageegh, the prasident of the grundstucksgesellschaft aldar, who has mediated the project.

Montezemolo: "a special year for ferrari"

In the foundation, among other things, a time capsule was installed, which contains a connecting rod and a piston from the formula 1 world champion car f2007 as well as the first art drawing of the theme park. The capsule should be for 100. Birthday from ferrari to be opened again – in 2047. "This is a very special year for ferrari," said di montezemolo. "In addition to the book-taking success of our gt vehicles, it brought us the design world cup and the driver title for kimi raikkonen to maranello in formula 1. I am very proud to be today at the symbolic start of this coarse project. In addition, ferrari commits its 60 in 2007. Birthday, which is why this celebration is a special meaning."

Italian flair

The theme park is a joint project between the italian automobile manufacturer and the native primary butt company aldar properties. The 250.000 square meter gross area, from the 80.Be built 000 square meters, on the one hand, is supposed to reflect the flair and the culture of italy, but at the same time the car history and the racing success of ferrari.

Tesla in grunheide: authority gives further approval for gigafactory

Tesla in Grunheide: authority gives further approval for Gigafactory

For the construction of his factory in grunheide near berlin, the us electric car manufacturer tesla may edit more flat on the construction site. The state office for the environment (lfu) has ied another at the beginning of the premature beginning on wednesday on the business land. The approval includes the abolition of the topsoil by up to 0.3 meters and a development of the ground on already gardened flats, such as a spokesman of the ministry of the environment.

It is now the eleventh early approval. Another application for the premature start to the construction of underground lines is still undergraded.

For the autofabrik, for the construction so far the environmental approval is missing via the federal immission protection act. Tesla therefore builds with premature beds. The state-owned approval work is continued in the final decision in the examination, explained the speaker. A time when decided, konne can not be mentioned.