“Digital photography has transformed photojournalism more than ever before”

Once again manipulated and staged photos from Lebanon were discovered by news agencies

Just recently, the Reuters news agency ended its cooperation with photographer Adnan Hajj, who had manipulated photos from Lebanon (The Truth of Digital Images). Pro-Israeli bloggers had first discovered the poorly done manipulation of a photo showing the aftermath of a bombing of Beirut. In the process, the distrust of the images of the bombing in Cana has again been reinforced (Israeli bombs on Cana: massacre or Hisbollywood?), especially after a Lebanese rescue worker kept showing up wearing a green helmet (who, in a later picture, is now wearing a white helmet). Now other bloggers have again found doctored photos from Lebanon, taken by the AP and Reuters news agencies, and want to demonstrate that the media is allegedly biased against Israel and that the pro-Arab side systematically misrepresents images (Hizbollywood).

The AP photography from 5. August

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Walls and deterrence do not solve the refugee problem

In Calais, a security gate stood wide open despite millions invested in fencing and surveillance technology

As is well known, Great Britain does not want to take in any refugees as far as possible. Hundreds of those in Calais try to somehow get through the Eurotunnel to the UK by train or in trucks. Not only in the Mediterranean, but also here, refugees die again and again trying to get to the Promised Land, which is anything but happy.

The British government has agreed with the French government to increase the number of border police, and millions more are to be invested in security fences with surveillance systems to secure Great Britain as a fortress against migrants already in France (Eurotunnel refugee defense: a fence should help). In Great Britain, elections are coming up, and the unwanted refugees are one of the main topics with which the parties want to distinguish themselves. Linked to this is the question of whether Great Britain should remain in the EU. The Eurotunnel is directly connected with this, after all it connects the island with the European mainland.

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The npd ban trial and its consequences

Rolf Gossner on the Reformability of Interception Protection

What are the consequences of the NPD prohibition proceedings?? 15 percent of the NPD’s executive board members worked for years as undercover agents for the Verfangsschutzbehorden. Their cover was only blown during the ban proceedings, and the trial collapsed. Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti spoke with intelligence expert and author Rolf Gossner about the consequences of the so far largest V-man affair in the Federal Republic of Germany.

How influential was and is the Verfangsschutz (VS) in the NPD??

Rolf Gossner: Hard to say. About 30 of the 200 NPD executive board members had been in the pay of the secret service as undercover agents for years – that is, almost one in seven, and there may have been over a hundred at all party levels. The large number of state-paid enemies of interception alone may have had a considerable influence on the extreme right-wing NPD. For example, the undercover agents Wolfgang Frenz and Udo Holtmann helped to build up the NPD for decades, directed it in leading positions and gave it a racist imprint. As informers, they themselves helped to shape the field of observation that they were supposed to observe from the inside for the VS; they strengthened the NPD instead of weakening it. A number of other undercover agents have also risen to leading party positions, in which they have inevitably had a decisive influence on the party’s goals and activities. These include Carsten Szczepanski, Michael Grube, Mathias Meyer and Tino Brandt. At the same time, the VS has not prevented them from continuing to spy for it – even though undercover agents do not make any decisions or "Object of observation" nor were they allowed to influence their objectives or activities "determine decisively", "have a controlling influence" or "demand in the long term". This is similar to what is stated in most of the VS service regulations. In a landmark decision, the Federal Administrative Court ruled on the observation of the "Republicans" require that when using undercover agents in a party, special consideration must be given to the party’s right to self-determination, so that the exchange of opinions within the party is not unsettled and the formation of opinion is not adversely affected.

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Exceptionally, the aubertirdisches were not!

Which sealed the downfall of the Mayan culture

Non-Palao Astronauts à la Daniken, not wars or acute environmental disasters, but a gradual climate change satisfied the Mayan culture an end. Like scientists of the Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam (Gfz) and the ETH Zurich together with US colleagues in the science magazine "Science" (. 299, nr. 5613, PP. 1731-1735) reported, a long dry period brought the classic Mayan culture on a highly probably. In the 8. and 9. Century had no longer enough water to store water for their increased population.

The Auberrirdisches were not it!

Image: nasa

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When the fubball is bugged

"Active RFID"Now the tags are sparking back

Whether supermarket labels or travel passports: not only cows are now marked with RFID. The technology has long since moved beyond the purely passive chip, which lives only from the interspersed radio energy: advanced radio transponders are equipped with their own battery or even rechargeable batteries.

When you think of soccer and RFID, the first thing that comes to mind are the tickets for the Soccer World Cup that are tagged with identification chips. But it’s not just the tickets that are "bugged", The ball is also: In order to determine beyond doubt whether the round ball has really landed in the square or just rolled over the sideline, the soccer balls are to contain their own transponders – and so are the players.

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False journeys

The "Friedman case" is a case Karge – but no conspiracy

"Image" women once again everything – and nothing. Under the headline "Conspiracy?" he said last Saturday: "It is a bad smell, a monstrous suspicion! Did Berlin prosecutors close to the FDP plot against Michel Friedman?? Is that how they wanted to smoke Jurgen Mollemann?? … The rumors were fed by the closeness of some well-known prosecutors to the Berlin FDP, especially to the Liberals in the district of Spandau. In the 1990s, a circle had formed there under the leadership of the former Attorney General Alexander von Stahl (FDP), which had described itself as national-conservative …!"

Let us remain with the facts. The statements on the alleged cocaine consumption of the TV presenter come from three prostitutes – witnesses who can be blackmailed from any side due to their insecure status. When Friedman’s office and living quarters were raided, only three bags with traces of cocaine were found in the micro area. These are amounts that indicate personal use, but by no means a coarse stock or even trade – and only that is punishable in Germany. In the meantime, the cocaine-positive hair sample is said to have shown nothing else.

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Union politicians oppose schulz’s continued term as european parliament president

Some Christian Democrats may expect worse results for the SPD if the Rhinelander becomes its candidate for chancellor

In January 2017, the agreed term of SPD politician Martin Schulz as European president will expire. Six months earlier, several leading CDU/CSU politicians stressed that they were against a renewed presidency for Rhinelander, which he was rumored to be seeking.

According to information from the daily newspaper Die Welt, the CDU presidium decided this week not to support Schulz in the process. Rhineland-Palatinate CDU state chairwoman Julia Klockner told the newspaper that in the de facto grand coalition of Social Democrats and Christian Democrats in the European Parliament there were "an agreement that there will be a change after his term in office" and since they consider Schulz to be a "Man of honor" If they hold "that he will stick to the promises he has made to himself." Gerda Hasselfeldt, the leader of the CSU in the Bundestag, also spoke of a "unambiguous agreement", that the post will be taken over by a Christian Democrat from the EPP group in January 2017.

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Only one in 6. U.s. Burger knows exactly where ukraine is located

Only one in 6 U.S. citizens knows exactly where ukraine is located

The location of Ukraine, Crimea is still assigned to Ukraine. Image: David Liuzzo

According to one poll, the propensity to bury military intervention appears to increase with growing (geographic) ignorance

The US government is putting enormous prere on the EU and Russia over Ukraine. The aim is to strengthen the transatlantic alliance and to isolate and weaken Russia. Even if, in terms of realpolitik, attempts are being made to get the crisis under control diplomatically, the media seems to be happy to stage the old confrontation between East and West again, even if interest has long since shifted to Asia and Africa. But how do the Americans see it?

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Cia secret prison in poland or romania?

Update: the EU now wants to investigate the suspicion after all

Yesterday, the Washington Post carried a report on the CIA’s secret camp system, in which alleged terror suspects are secretly held abroad, outside any legal system. The existence of such camps in Jordan, Afghanistan, Morocco or Egypt has been known for a long time (secret US camp in Jordan), as well as the practice of transferring some prisoners to friendly intelligence services for embarrassing interrogation (outsourcing of embarrassing interrogation). New, however, was the allegation that such secret camps also existed in two Eastern European countries.

Who is being held in these secret prisons is not known. The Washington Post spoke of about 100 detainees, of which 30 were high-ranking al-Qaida members. Among those held by the CIA in a secret location was Ramsi Binalshib, who was arrested in September 2002 and has since disappeared (like a bad detective story). The fact that he is being held by the U.S. is also proven by the fact that in the Hamburg trials against Motassadeq and Mzoudi (Mzoudi trial: acquittal confirmed by BGH), for example, reference was made to trial transcripts. Among others to guard the open secret, but Binalshib was not allowed to be questioned before the German court.

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Resignation of yatsenyuk: kiev wants to avoid new elections

After a two-month government crisis, a Poroshenko confidant is now expected to call a fresh start without new elections – the Fatherland Party, the Opposition Bloc and the Radical Party were then in the lead

Ukrainian President Poroshenko also embarrassed by the Panama Papers. After that, the oligarch, who still did not divest from his companies as promised when he took office, had set up three interconnected shell companies scattered in the Virgin Islands, Cyprus and the Netherlands. Apparently, no large sums of money have been transacted through it, and it is quite possible that it has more.

The revelation has dealt a blow to the already troubled government after the ruling coalition had already collapsed. Calls for the resignation of the president have been voiced by the right-wing. Now it has happened to the President of the Republic as well. Overthrown, Poroshenko now wants to ensure more transparency and an acceleration of reforms in general.

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