China and india faster than the north

The Energy and Climate Week Show: Climate negotiations continued to increase Zah, AMIS come with empty existing China has the better power plants

In Barcelona, on Monday, the officially last preparation round for the UN climate summit in Copenhagen begun, which will be six weeks. As reported, it is bad about a new climate protection contract.

Although a design is now available, but this is not rather than a skeleton. However, a very voluminous skeleton, because the text contains countless passages in square brackets, which display their disputes. Controversial is, among other things, the contractual framework. The US increased to a completely new contract under the umbrella of the Climate Protection Framework Convention (UNFCCC). Most of the other states, but above all, the threshold and development standards do not see that at all, but require that the contract continues to the existing contract. In practice, that strikes that the old Kyoto protocol is required, expanding and also likely to be encouraged. That had the advantage that in a thousand technical detail questions did not destroy the work of twelve years of negotiations and the bike had to be reinvented.

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Digital rights and their managers

Electronic rights and copy protection systems leave many questions unanswered among users and privacy advocates

Digital rights management systems are hotly contested: The media industry, associations and some political parties are lobbying for copy protection and individual compensation of authors. But privacy advocates warn of new threats to user privacy. The German government also considers the systems not yet technically mature and insists on securing the right to private copying.

Politicians from the CDU and FDP are pushing for them (cf.CDU is going down the net path), associations like Bitkom have been calling for them for a long time: procedures for individual billing of specifically used, copyrighted works. For the copying or playing of such forms of intellectual property, as a rule, compensation is provided for the income lost by the artist, according to the law. The latter is currently hit mainly by the imposition of flat fees on copying devices. PCs and other digital data processing machines are also to be subject to such copyright levies, according to the current plans of German Justice Minister Herta Daubler-Gmelin. But the manufacturers fear that this could make the devices much more expensive. In addition, the fairness of the regulation is not good, since no differentiation is made between power users and occasional users.

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Spain: after the election, the first tax threats come

The time of good news ends with the election, poor economic prospects and exploding public debt

Instead of "Zarter Gruner Plant", which should show an economic recovery, the Spaniards will be asked to pay for the European Parliament elections to the cash register. First, taxes are raised on fuels and tobacco – and only the beginning was allowed to be the beginning of exploding sovereign debt. It is also to be expected in other countries. Germany will be no exception.

The elections are over and thus the positive messages from the "Delicate green planes" the economic recovery in Spain, which until last weekend constituted the government everywhere. This recovery is now no more talk after the Socialists (PSOE) on Sunday broke difficult and lost the elections, but also about the Schonfarberei a landslide victory of the ultra-conservative Popular Party (PP) prevented.

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Soy, oats and lupine: success story with obstacles

Soy, oats and lupine: success story with obstacles

Maybe a schnitzel: lupines are protein panels, which are grown among other things in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.Photo: _alicja_ on Pixabay (Public Domain)

The German fiscal policy is currently still transforming against the trend to consume less animal products – even why plant milk is more expensive than cow’s milk

There is plenty of reason why people grab vegetable milk kit drinks. Not all who do that, renew them completely vegan. Some only want to reduce the consumption of animal products because, for example, plant milk in okobilance cuts out better than cow’s milk. In the production of herbal drinks, significantly less climate-damaging carbon dioxide is emitted. The cultures from regional cultivation – all the better for okobilance. In addition, oatmeal, spelled, almond and hirsedrinks are equally well suited for cooking as baking. And because in the production of cereals are converted into sugar, the "Grain milk" slightly. Your subbe is – as well as the rice milk – ideal for Musi.

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Geniuses under 35

Technology Review ranks the 100 best in the world

From college-age wunderkinds to seasoned entrepreneurs: The science magazine Technology Review, presents with the TR100 one hundred innovators whose ideas are announced to change the world.

The jury is made up of company CEOs and scientists, including a Nobel Prize winner (medicine). Nominees are geniuses under 35 from the fields of information technology, biotechnology, medicine, nanotechnology and nanostructure materials, energy and transportation. This year, a special discipline was added: Transforming industries and creating new ones. The judges say they focused on the impact technology can have on the traditional economy, and the "moribund" New Economy largely ignored.

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De-escalation with nato troops in ukraine?

Full-scale war can break out in Ukraine again at any time

If one constantly demands that Russia must first de-escalate in order to change its own policy, then it seems strange when NATO has just launched the Rapid Trident Manover at the Yavorov military training area in western Ukraine. In the current conditions of the conflict between the West and Russia, this should be seen as both a warning and a provocation. Although the exercise is held annually, the fact that it has to take place now is a clear sign that all the countries involved have agreed to it. After all, it had been possible to hold in another country. German soldiers participate, but also soldiers from Azerbaijan, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Of course, soldiers from Ukraine are involved, but also from Georgia and Moldova. Moreover, other exercises are taking place.

It is to be expected and intended that Russia will react with anger to this flip. Moscow said that the exercise could increase tensions and endanger the ceasefire. This does not prevent Russia from expanding its troop presence in Crimea, sending a new, quite provocative aid convoy to eastern Ukraine, supplying Lugansk with electricity, and at the same time expanding its military presence in the Arctic. Because of the enormous resources and the new shipping routes, a dangerous conflict will develop here if there are no more talks and agreements between NATO and Russia, which were also urgently needed for action against the Islamic State in Syria in accordance with international law.

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Back to the middle ages?

If it serves life, a little torture could provide better victim protection

Until now, embarrassing interrogations of suspects were rather embarrassing to punishable for the interrogators. This could now be fundamentally different. The kidnapping case "Jakob von Metzler" revives in the meantime a never completely silenced discussion whether torture in critical danger situations could be an appropriate means to make the obdurate talk. "It is possible to imagine cases in which torture or the threat of torture may be permissible, namely if a legal good is violated in order to save a higher legal good", said the chairman of the judges’ association Geert Mackenroth to the "Tagesspiegel". The prevention of the terrorist attacks of 11.9.In 2001, he cited the following as an example of such higher legal standards.

Frankfurt’s deputy police chief Wolfgang Daschner is said to have ordered that the suspected perpetrator Magnus G. when asked about the whereabouts of the kidnapped boy, that he would be hurt if he did not make a statement. Specifically, the chief detective in charge was allegedly supposed to inform the suspect: "If you do not talk now, we will inflict severe pain on you…as you have never had any, which you will never forget in your life." The Berliner "Tagesspiegel" According to Daschner, there is a note that Magnus G. "after previous threat, under medical supervision, by inflicting pain (no injuries) is to be questioned again". According to defense lawyer Ulrich Endres, his client was also put under prere with the threat of rape by fellow prisoners. He would be forced to "two coarse Negroes" Locked in the cell. The meanwhile successfully graduated law student is said to have communicated the whereabouts of the dead boy after these threats, after he could not remember so well at first.

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Top candidates enhance the favor of the industry

Top candidates enhance the favor of the industry

Photo: Ulrich Grillo and Peer Steinbruck. Photo: Silvio Duwe

Merkel presents her election campaigns subject to reservation – industrial representatives let Peer Steinbruck flash

The election campaign is slowly riding – and the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI) uses its all-year-round day of German industry to find the top candidates of Union, FDP, SPD and greats on the tooth. According to BDI-Prasident Ulrich Grillo, however, at least parts of politics are now above all one: industrial. In the fight for the votes of the industrial representatives, the reigning federal government is clearly in front. Particularly pleasant from the perspective of the industry is Merkel explained willingness to express their expensive promises for the Wahler if necessary without deleting the eyelash – and to save the company so high taxes.

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Eu data protection directive: a matter of sovereignty

U.S. politicians want to reverse agreement with EU on safe harbor concept

Yesterday, the Congressional Committee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection held a hearing on the impact the EU Data Protection Directive could have on the U.S. privacy debate. It is well known that the Data Protection Directive requires that data of EU citizens can only be exported to countries that have a similar regulation. In the case of the U.S., after long negotiations, an agreement was reached on the concept of the "Safe Harbor" under which companies voluntarily commit to appropriate data protection rules. Apparently, some politicians now want to mess with this agreement again because it hinders the e-commerce of American companies.

The committee’s chairman, Republican Billy Tauzin, apparently sees the ie from the perspective of power. For him, the directive "an attempt to impose the will of the EU on the United States." But not only that, the EU Data Protection Directive could also become the global data protection standard, and that will have dire consequences: "The EU Data Protection Directive could lead to the erection of one of the grossest blockades of free trade ever seen."

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Usa abandons biometric passport as entry requirement

Unlike other EU countries, the German government has moved ahead with plans to introduce biometric IDs despite criticism

Passports with biometric features were to be a condition for obtaining visa-free travel first until 2004, then until 2006. The U.S. now appears to be backing away from that condition, as the Sunday Times reports. For this reason, Ireland is now postponing the introduction of the new biometric passports. In Germany, on the other hand, not only the dates but also the costs are already fixed.

Those who want to participate in the visa waiver program should be able to present a passport that is not only machine-readable but also has biometric features as of October 2004. This was the decision of the USA and already in June 2003 the EU decided to introduce appropriate travel documents as soon as possible.

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